Judy and Mike slideshow

I just heard from Judy today that the DVD of their final images arrived safely through the post … and they love them! It is such a great feeling to hear that they are pleased with their slideshows and pictures and I hope that they will be able to share them with their families and friends worldwide.

I’ve just put a short slideshow together to give a feeling of the day …

Judy and Mike slideshow

I’d really like to hear what you think about the slideshow: you can leave any comments below!

Adam II …

Just a couple more pictures of Adam … Smithfield Market is a great location with really strong colours.

Adam …

Adam is my colleague’s son and is working in our firm this week. I think he has a great look and so luckily his mum was able to convince him to let me take some shots (all in the hope of getting some posing experience). We went to Smithfield Market, which is just by the office here in London, but which is unfortunately falling into a state of disrepair. Adam was great, joined in the fun and didn’t mind the hecklers shouting “Cheese!” out of a car window as they drove past!

I just thought I’d post this one quickly … more to follow.

It’s all in the details … from Judy and Mike’s wedding 16 August 2008

I have so enjoyed working on the images from Judy and Mike’s wedding and just wanted to share a montage of some of the details … Judy’s bridesmaid was in turquoise (hence the blue roses – a gift for each female guest), the flower arrangements, both at the wedding and the evening reception were pink (hence the gerbera) and the guests had their own great accessories (hence the purse) …

I will be posting more here, but not until Judy and Mike have seen the pictures – it just wouldn’t be fair!

Judy and Mike – married 16 August 2008

I had the pleasure of photographing Judy and Mike’s wedding at the Ranger’s House, Greenwich on 16 August 2008.  I first met Judy through work and was delighted that she and Mike were happy for me to document their special day.

The venue, Ranger’s House Ranger’s House, Greenwich,
is home to the Wernher Collection.  Built in 1723, it was the official residence of the Ranger of Greenwich Park.  The meridian line passes through its grounds.

The weather forecast was for showers, with sunny spells, but I am pleased to say that the rain held off and we had blue skies for a large part of the day.

Judy and Mike planned their wedding to perfection … with beautiful buttonholes for the guests and wonderful flower displays. They also had music to accompany their celebrations and the flautist was wearing the most wonderful shoes …

Judy arrived in good time, accompanied by her bridesmaid, Liezel, and father George (who had travelled from New Zealand with wife Elaine for the celebrations).

The ceremony was, as always, very emotional and I have to admit that I had a tear in my eye – Judy looked absolutely beautiful and I felt honoured to be both her friend and to be photographing her wedding.  Judy and Mike make an exceptionally handsome couple …

Judy and Mike’s family and friends were so easy to photograph with huge smiles and willingness to be bossed around! I have to make a special mention to Judy’s hens – I could have photographed these beautiful girls all day.

The evening reception was held at El Faro in the Docklands http://www.el-faro.co.uk/, a wonderful venue with superb food.  We were only sorry that we couldn’t stay longer for the dancing!

Thanks again to Judy and Mike for allowing me to join them for their wonderful celebration and I wish you both all the happiness in the world for your future lives together. I am so looking forward to sharing your photographs with you xxx

Tankerton Bay Sailing Club has seen better days …

Tankerton Bay is in Kent.  It is on a long stretch of shingle beach, with jauntily painted beach huts (which probably cost a fortune …).  However, its Sailing Club is boarded up and has really seen better days.  There is a long line of sailing dinghies alongside … but none were out at sea.  Gales and strong winds are forecast for today, so perhaps that’s the best place for the boats to be!

Breakfast at Tiffanys?

My mum has been clearing out the cupboards, and came across this cigarette holder, dating from the 1960’s.  I wanted to document it as she is considering selling it … it’s a little piece of history.

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