Designer Bridal Wear Photoshoot

I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a bridal shoot at Marianne Jessica Designer Bridal Wear, alongside make-up artist Melissa Norris, who will shortly be relocating to Australia and Dave Marsh of MBS Services.

Our brief was to capture images of the dresses and make-up. Our models were Michaela, Laura, Roxy, Katie, Faye and Dominique. And they are all beautiful …

Thanks to Dominique, who assisted beautifully and I am sure also took some wonderful photographs herself. And thanks to Dave for his patient help and guidance.

And of course, thank you to Michele from Marianne Jessica and to Melissa for organising everything. All best wishes for your new life in Australia!

Olympic and Paralympic Heroes Parade in London

I was so pleased to be able to slip out of work and go and photograph the Parade today. Such a great atmosphere, with lots of flag-waving office workers and other keen photographers of all ages. It was such a proud moment, to see our Olympians being celebrated in such an enthusiastic way.


And I even got a couple of photographs on the BBC Website (they are under samantha.jones68 from my Flickr site):


I have the loveliest neighbours …

Who let me take them out and photograph them!

This is Harriet – we thought that a night shoot might be cool, and that there would be less people around than our first shoot … boy, were we wrong!

These are some of my favourites …


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