My weekend with Laura, John, Tara and Rosie …

I visited my great friend Laura, her husband John and their two gorgeous girls, Tara and Rosie, in Southampton. Despite the extra-long journey (roadworks …), and the weather (sun, showers, sun, showers …), I had the best time.

Poor Rosie got quite poorly sick after having an adventure in a pond which ended up in a very late night (or rather, early morning) visit to the emergency vet but hopefully she will be on the mend very soon. This is Rosie …



And this is Tara …


We went into Hythe and had a drink at the Salt Bar by the marina and then went into the town itself for a curry. All very nice indeed. Unfortunately John and Laura then had to take Rosie to the emergency vet in the early hours of Saturday morning.

However, we went with Tara for a long walk along the beach opposite the Isle of Wight. The weather was absolutely wonderful …

Southampton montage

I do hope that Rosie is well on the road to recovery. Thank you again to Laura and John for making me feel so incredibly welcome and I hope to visit again soon.

Jo, Ed and Georgia

I have just realised that I haven’t posted some pictures from a shoot which I did recently. I met up with Jo, Ed and Georgia to discuss their wedding photography. Jo and Ed are getting married in August and have asked me to be their photographer.

We took the chance to have a quick session with the three of them, and Georgia was just gorgeous …


More beautiful images to come soon …

My niece …

is growing up. After my bump shoot on Saturday, I popped in to visit my folks (we live about an hour’s drive away so any opportunity to see them is great). My sister and niece were also there … boy, is she growing up!


Maternity session … with Louise and little Shaun

I photographed Louise and “big” Shaun’s wedding last summer along with Dick and Pauline Slane. I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing a “bump” session with Louise. She is expecting Chloe within the next few weeks and I think “little” Shaun is quite looking forward to looking after his sister …

Louise, little Shaun and Chloe

Little Shaun supports Liverpool and enjoys playing football at school.


He has the most gorgeous coloured eyes and was so helpful with all of my photography stuff that I took with me. If only he was a few years older, he could be my assistant!


Thanks again to Louise and I am looking forward to photographing Chloe when she arrives!

Louise and Shaun

Kate and James at Great Farthingloe Barn

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate and James today at Great Farthingloe Barn and they are celebrating at this beautiful venue in April. Their enthusiasm and zest for life really came through and also the fact that they are very much in love.

James’s family has connections with the house at Great Farthingloe and we thought that might be a good place to start. Both Kate and James are a little camera shy, but that really doesn’t show in any of the photographs that I took today. The sun shone, but unfortunately the wind blew too, which made it a bit chilly! Kate braved the cold and we got some wonderful shots …

Kate and James at Great Farthingloe Barn

Kate and James at Great Farthingloe Barn

Kate and James at Great Farthingloe Barn

Kate and James at Great Farthingloe Barn

The house at Great Farthingloe Barn

This is Great Farthingloe Barn from the back where we are hoping to get wonderful group shots of Kate and James’s friends and guests …

Great Farthingloe Barn

And this is the front …

Great Farthingloe Barn

Such a wonderful venue and a couple evidently so much in love … it’s a great combination!

Promotional Shoot at the Faversham Bistrot … more photos

Chris and Dan come from Australia – they told me that they had been on the webcam to their folks at home before the photoshoot … I think it’s just great that their family so far away will be able to see Chris and Dan “the second time round”. So here are some more pictures …

Chris and Dan - all natural light

Chris and Dan at the Faversham Bistrot

Chris at the Faversham Bistrot

Chris at the Faversham Bistrot

The weather turned out just perfectly and the combination of blue skies and the wonderful brick work at the Faversham Bistrot are a photographer’s dream … along with a very handsome bride and groom

Faversham Bistrot

And to end our photoshoot, there was the chance for our couple to enjoy a TVR …

Chris and Dan and a TVR ...

Thanks again to Chris and Dan and just sorry that you didn’t get to drive away in that fabulous car. Thanks also to Olivier and his brother Rudy for their exceptional hospitality on the day.

Promotional shoot at Olivier @ Faversham Bistrot

Olivier, chef and owner of the Faversham Bistrot, is now promoting weddings at the Bistrot. We have worked together on food photography (he cooked, I photographed and then Vince and I ate …) and so we decided to create a portfolio for bride and grooms considering holding their wedding and/or reception at the Bistrot.

So, I needed a couple of things – a bride with a husband, a wedding dress and a veil. Two of those I could do, but luckily my colleague Chris had exactly what I needed – a husband! Chris and Dan made the long journey down from London to Faversham, and then we sped off to McKenzies Kent for a “hair up”. Our hairdresser, Keighley, worked super-fast and created a beautiful look for Chris …

Keighley at McKenzie Kent

The salon is great for photography, really striking and fabulous colours …


A few final touches … and we were ready to go!

Final touches ... at McKenzie Kent, Faversham

More photos to follow …

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