Promotional shoot at Olivier @ Faversham Bistrot

Olivier, chef and owner of the Faversham Bistrot, is now promoting weddings at the Bistrot. We have worked together on food photography (he cooked, I photographed and then Vince and I ate …) and so we decided to create a portfolio for bride and grooms considering holding their wedding and/or reception at the Bistrot.

So, I needed a couple of things – a bride with a husband, a wedding dress and a veil. Two of those I could do, but luckily my colleague Chris had exactly what I needed – a husband! Chris and Dan made the long journey down from London to Faversham, and then we sped off to McKenzies Kent for a “hair up”. Our hairdresser, Keighley, worked super-fast and created a beautiful look for Chris …

Keighley at McKenzie Kent

The salon is great for photography, really striking and fabulous colours …


A few final touches … and we were ready to go!

Final touches ... at McKenzie Kent, Faversham

More photos to follow …

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