My weekend with Laura, John, Tara and Rosie …

I visited my great friend Laura, her husband John and their two gorgeous girls, Tara and Rosie, in Southampton. Despite the extra-long journey (roadworks …), and the weather (sun, showers, sun, showers …), I had the best time.

Poor Rosie got quite poorly sick after having an adventure in a pond which ended up in a very late night (or rather, early morning) visit to the emergency vet but hopefully she will be on the mend very soon. This is Rosie …



And this is Tara …


We went into Hythe and had a drink at the Salt Bar by the marina and then went into the town itself for a curry. All very nice indeed. Unfortunately John and Laura then had to take Rosie to the emergency vet in the early hours of Saturday morning.

However, we went with Tara for a long walk along the beach opposite the Isle of Wight. The weather was absolutely wonderful …

Southampton montage

I do hope that Rosie is well on the road to recovery. Thank you again to Laura and John for making me feel so incredibly welcome and I hope to visit again soon.

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