{Trinity Rose}

Meet the gorgeous Trinity Rose … only six days old and so beautiful …

Trinity Rose Byrne

I first photographed Trinny before she was even born … and today I spent a couple of fantastic hours with her and her mum and dad, Amanda and Rob. I haven’t photographed such a tiny baby before and she slept so peacefully … most of the time!

I am just going to post one more quick little teaser …

Special delivery Trinity Rose Byrne

Hugs to you all – I am so looking forward to photographing Trinny as she grows. xx

Family portrait session at the {beach}

I consider myself a very lucky person. I get to photograph great families like the Hammonds …

Hammond montage

As we live so close to the seaside, it only seemed right to pop down to Tankerton Slopes and get a few shots … the weather turned out beautifully in the end and got up to 25 degrees!

So Mia needed a parasol …

Mia and parasol

We got so many great shots that I put a quick storyboard together (courtesy of CoffeeTeaPhotography as it was difficult to chose which pictures to include in this blog!


Thanks again guys and I hope that you got those ice creams in the end … xxx

Helen and Daniel {Engagement Session}

I had the pleasure of meeting Helen and Daniel (and mum Sue, and boys Joe and Luke) today at The Little Hermitage where they will be celebrating their wedding in October. The venue is absolutely wonderful, with so many small, but important details, and hearts everywhere:

Heart montage at The Little Hermitage

The ceremony room is just stunning …

Ceremony room at The Little Hermitage

and the light flooding in through the huge windows (even on a wet and overcast day like today) was wonderful.

Here are Helen and Daniel, in front of the beautiful obelisk and gardens at The Little Hermitage …

Helen and Daniel at The Little Hermitage

Helen is not too keen on having her photo taken but Daniel assured me that she will look absolutely stunning on her wedding day (which is just such a great thing to say and I am sure will be true!). However, judging by the laughter at our mini-session yesterday, Helen and Daniel’s wedding day will be full of fun … that is if they decide to tear themselves away from the gorgeous bridal suite, complete with waterfall shower … but that’s another story!

On the right is Joe, Helen’s 11 year old son, who will be performing the very important role of giving his mum away on the day (he is also going to help me organise people for photos too!)

Helen, Daniel and Joe

I am really looking forward to October and the time is just going to speed past! See you all soon!

Another {angel}, playing with my heart …

Just too cute … you may remember Oliver from an earlier post – well, I visited his mum today for a cup of tea and a chat … and one thing led to another …


I just love this image of Oliver and his mum …

Oliver and Nicky

Nicky helped me with some measurements regarding my next purchase for baby photography … watch this space!

Thanks again to gorgeous Oliver and his mum … you really do have an angel, as he is lovely even without his wings …


Meet {Freddie} …

Linda, Bill and Freddie

and Bill and Linda! This delightful couple have asked me to be their photographer for their July wedding at a wonderful venue, very local to us all, Mount Ephraim Gardens …

Mountain Ephraim Gardens, Kent

Freddie won’t be there on Linda and Bill’s wedding day, but friends and family are coming from far and wide to celebrate their special day. I lost count of the different countries that Linda mentioned … it’s going to a huge party and I just can’t wait!

Thanks so much to Linda and Bill for letting me take a few pictures today …

Linda and Bill

and Freddie is just gorgeous!

See you both in July!

New client products {ready to go}

Just putting the finishing touches to some client products …

Client products ready and waiting to go ...

{Rock the Frock} session at Faversham, Seasalter and Tankerton Slopes

Wow, what a day. It started off wet and raining and then the afternoon was just perfect. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and wind, lots and lots of wind!

Liz, a fellow photographer, and her husband, Rich, came down to Kent so that Liz could “Rock her Frock”. This is an idea which has crossed the pond from the United States and is becoming more popular in the UK. The idea is that a bride can wear her dress again, not worry too much about the bottom getting dirty and get more creative shots than may have been possible on her wedding day.

Shots like this, at Tankerton Slopes:

Bahamas or Kent?

Or perhaps this one, shot at Seasalter:

Liz at Seasalter

I have to explain that in this shot, Liz was wearing a veil kindly lent to me by my best friend Kate. I had promised to look after Kate’s veil and I knew that it would be perfect for this shot. However, the wind decided to take the veil and blow it away onto the shingle at Seasalter. Luckily Rich downed tools, jumped off the pier and charged after it! And no damage at all. This picture actually captured the moment that the veil flew away – hence the rather scared expression on Liz’s face!

Near Faversham there are some really beautiful places to shoot:

Liz Montage II

And just along the coast, we have Tankerton Slopes:

Liz montage I

So before you get your dress dry-cleaned and packed away, put it on one more time and let’s be creative!

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