Meeting a new {baby}

I was so pleased today to meet Alexander James who is six weeks and one day old. He was 16 days overdue when he finally arrived on this earth …

I’m not sure that he was too impressed with being put on a bean bag – his mum thinks that he looks like “an old man in an armchair” …

Alexander James

And I am not sure what he was thinking with this strange lady, talking gibberish to him and then sticking a camera in his face … we got a little smile in the end!

Alexander James

Alex is a super little boy, who is unfortunately suffering from colic, but you really wouldn’t have known it as he is just delightful!

Alexander James

Alexander James

Big hugs and I hope to see you all again very soon!

6 Comments on “Meeting a new {baby}

  1. Hi Samantha,

    I am a friend of Angela and think the pics of Alex are beautiful. I too have recently had a Baby and would be interested in possibly having some pics done before she gets too big!

    I would like something very similar and wondered if you can e-mail some prices etc?

    Many thanks



  2. What a gorgeous little man! Such a poser :o)

    Fantastic photos Sam! Angela and Dan will be so pleased!

    Alex’s Auntie Anna-Lisa :o)


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