{Wedding} – Michaela and Kevin

I just wanted to post some pictures from Saturday’s wedding in the hope of catching the bride and groom before they jet off on honeymoon … the weather forecast had been for heavy rain all day, but luckily the rain stayed away until we arrived at the venue.

But first things first … at every wedding, there are always details and these, in particular, were especially meaningful to Michaela …

Detail shots

And the dress, of course!

Dress montage

I didn’t get to see Michaela in her dress – I had to dash off to the church, to capture the guests arriving and, of course, the groom and his best man (in this case, the couple’s son, Rhys). They both looked splendid …

Boys montage

The bride and her father arrived soon after at St Martin’s Church in Herne in a beautiful blue Rolls Royce.

After a very moving ceremony, which also included Rhys’s christening, we managed to get some photographs done in the grounds before going to the reception venue at the King’s Hall in Herne.

Church montage

As we arrived, the rain started and the afternoon’s celebrations started. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us to take the creative shots on the beach that we had planned, but we did manage to get a few, despite the downpour!

Michaela and Kevin

Michaela and Kevin

Rainy day montage

We set up a “photo booth” for some after dinner pictures … but I will post those separately.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome on your special day and I do hope that you have better weather on your honeymoon!

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