Gillian and Shaun {Wedding} in Canterbury and Mount Ephraim

As promised, more photos from Gillian and Shaun’s wedding. As the weather was so great, we were able to get some shots in the grounds of Wellington House in Canterbury – just look at these gorgeous girls!

Little girl montage

Gillian was inside, confirming all the details … the light in the ante-room is just gorgeous, with sunshine flooding in through the windows and wonderful mirrors to catch glimpses …

Gillian montage registry office

All eyes were on the couple during the ceremony … I love this touching moment …

Registry office

After Gillian and Shaun were pronounced man and wife, we made our way to Mount Ephraim Gardens, near Faversham, where we had arranged to take further formal and informal pictures. Richard was busy taking the formal shots, and I was able to stroll around, chatting to the guests and taking pictures. This is Lauren, who is 11 and such a gorgeous bridesmaid!

Lauren montage

And this is a montage of their wonderful wedding car, a vintage Rolls Royce!

Rolls montage

I had some very willing models …

Girls on bench

Flower mum and son montage

Gillian and Shaun

And Mount Ephraim is a beautiful place to have your pictures taken …

Gillian and Shaun montage

We made our way back up the hill …

Walking up the hill

And made our way to Faversham, where all the guests were waiting for the celebrations to start. One final picture, which I really love …

Eating the cake

Congratulations again and thanks for letting me be part of your celebrations!

8 Comments on “Gillian and Shaun {Wedding} in Canterbury and Mount Ephraim

  1. “Congratulations again and thanks for letting me be part of your celebrations!”

    Sam we were happy and delighted you could come along, terrific images to boot, so glad you enjoyed yourself, many thanks.



  2. Sam you have captured some wonderful moments in your photos , some i sure gillian and shaun will treasure!!!!


  3. Hi Sam, You have taken some cracking photos. I love the fact that you took not only some gorgeous formal shots but also the treasured behind the scene ones…the memorable moments I call them. Gill and Lauren looked so beautiful while Shaun and dear little Alfie so handsome. Well done you! 🙂 P.S. sorry I missed you.


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