Holly Anne {model}

Holly Anne is from my home town. Which is really handy as we both wanted to get some shots done … so we met up on a bright sunny day at the Gunpowder Works near Faversham …

Holly Anne montage

Holly Anne

Holly Anne

This was only a quick shoot and I think that, if you are a model looking to add to your portfolio, you do need to allow some time for creativity. I am pleased with these shots and hope that Holly Anne is too. Next time, we’ll be doing something more creative … wedding dress and lake???

Thanks again, great to meet you and hope we can do some more work together soon! xx

{Baby Ballet} – my first gorgeous model

I have recently been running a promotion with the Baby Ballet group that my niece attends and I had a great time on Sunday, photographing gorgeous baby {O} and her family … I wanted to post a couple of pictures so that her proud mummy and daddy can see them before I upload them all to my on-line proofing facility … and here is our lovely model, balancing really bravely …

Baby ballet montage II

These images were all shot in baby {O}’s home, using an easily set up lighting system. In fact, the image on the right of this next one was shot with available light …

Baby ballet montage

Thanks again to my gorgeous model and her family (sorry to Maisie that you couldn’t be involved …) and I hope that you are happy with the images of your lovely little girl!

If you would like beautiful images of your children to treasure (and, don’t forget, Christmas will be here soon …), do comment on this post or drop me a line and I’d love to capture your memories too!

Helping the local Scout Group with their {photography} badge

I met up with Whitstable Scout Group last week and gave them a little bit of training on photography so that they can get their photography badges. We had great fun on Tankerton Slopes, enjoying the wonderful sunset and fresh air! Needless to say, the Scouts all expended lots of energy whilst learning more about photography … and I had the chance to get some great shots …

Sunset photography at Tankerton Slopes

There were action shots …

Sunset action shots at Tankerton Slopes

and the sunset was so gorgeous, that we had a group silhouette shot too!

Sunset silhouette at Tankerton Slopes

I’m looking forward to reviewing the shots from that evening and hope that the Scouts enjoyed it as much as I did!

Helen and Daniel {wedding} at The Little Hermitage

It’s such a joy to photograph a wedding that is full of laughter. And that was definitely the case yesterday as Helen and Daniel celebrated their wedding at The Little Hermitage (www.little-hermitage.co.uk).

The preparation were in full swing when I arrived, with Jaymie and Samantha (the bridesmaids) getting their hair styled and dresses being unwrapped …

Helen and Daniel bridal preparations at The Little Hermitage

… with fabulous results!

Bridesmaids on bed

Helen and bridesmaids at The Little Hermitage

And here’s Helen and her mum (with those cheeky bridesmaids in the background) …

Helen with mum and bridesmaids at The Little Hermitage

Meanwhile downstairs, guests were arriving and I managed to snap Daniel and his brother (and best man), Adam …

Daniel and Adam at The Little Hermitage

And Joe and Luke …

Joe and Luke at The Little Hermitage

And back with Helen … final preparations were done, champagne enjoyed …

Helen and Joe portrait

… and on to the ceremony itself …

Helen and Daniel first look

If anyone knows …

If anyone knows ...

And a very moving reading from Daniel’s mum … where she nearly reduced the whole congregation to tears when she was presenting her reading … she said “he’s my little boy …”

Daniel's mum's reading

After the ceremony, the guests and the new Mr and Mrs McKee made their way out into the glorious autumn sunshine for drinks and photos … but we had a few moments alone to take some pictures just of Helen and Daniel …

Helen and Daniel

But too soon it was time to make our way back into The Little Hermitage for the meal and speeches …

Walking up the hill at The Little Hermitage

Helen and Daniel speeches at The Little Hermitage

And some great gifts from Daniel’s mum …

Helen and Daniel and caraciatures

I had a wonderful day and am sure that Helen and Daniel’s great sense of humour and the laughter will have gone on for a long time into the night … one final picture of their beautiful venue …

Little Hermitage

I’ll be working hard processing Helen and Daniel’s pictures which should be on-line to view within the next two weeks. Enjoy your time off together and all best wishes for the future!

Fun shoot at the {Woodlands Park Hotel}

Photoshoots can be fun – especially if you are working with great models, experienced MUAs and hairstylists and when they have been arranged by (the other) Sam Jones Photo!

We met up at the Woodlands Park Hotel (www.handpickedhotels.co.uk/hotels/Woodlands-Park).

Here are some of the shots that we got today … the vintage car and the Ferrari were provided by Timeless Weddings (www.timeless-weddings.co.uk)


And this is Tom, modelling the uniform which is worn by all the chauffeurs at Timeless Weddings.

And the girls, well, they looked just stunning!

Portraits montage

We found some very different places to take pictures today … like this great fire escape …

Fire escape at the Woodlands Park Hotel near Leatherhead

And inside the hotel too …

Inside at the Woodlands Park Hotel near Leatherhead

And the colours and vibrancy of the dresses – well, they brightened up a dull day!

Colourful montage at the Woodlands Park Hotel near Leatherhead

Thanks again to Sam (Sam Jones Photography) for organising the shoot – I had a great time!

Rachel and Pete {engagement shoot}

Rachel and Pete at The Old Rectory

I met with Rachel and Pete today at their wedding venue, the Old Rectory near Maidstone, on a very windy day! We were lucky that it didn’t rain and we had the chance to have a stroll around the beautiful grounds. Of course, ever the photographer, I had my kit with me and we had fun getting some shots …

Rachel and Pete montage shot

Rachel and Pete have been following my blog, and seemed to know my style, and they were certainly great models …

Rachel and Pete engagement ring shot

Rachel and Pete US style shot

The ground was covered with conkers and we chatted about how we used to play conkers at school … and of course, this led to an engagement ring shot …

Engagement ring

They didn’t seem to mind having a little smooch and when Pete said “I could kiss Rachel all day …”, he really meant it!

Rachel and Pete

I thought I would design Rachel and Pete’s “Save the Date” cards too …

"Save the Date"

… and the best news is that they have booked me as their photographer!

Lovely venue + lovely couple = very happy photographer!

{Photoshoot} with Catherine Quinn and Laura Holland

As promised, I am posting some more of the beautiful images which we created yesterday at The Grove Ferry Inn (http://www.thegroveferry.co.uk). The gorgeous Virginia Creeper created such a beautiful backdrop and there are so many places at the Inn where wonderful bridal images can be created.

Grove Ferry montage

I very much enjoyed working with Catherine (model) and Laura (make-up and hair stylist). Laura’s website is http://www.lauraholland.co.uk and Catherine can be found through ModelMayhem.

Our objective was to create additional portfolio images and I think we achieved that. Here are some detail make-up shots …

Grove Ferry make-up montage

Thanks again to everyone involved in this shoot and I think we all had a successful day.

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