Joint Venture with {Impala Impressions} baby casting

I am pleased to announce an exciting new joint venture with Justine of Maidstone-based (but willing to travel …), Justine provides a large variety of home-casting services for your new baby.

I visited Justine recently and had the opportunity to see some of her beautiful, bespoke products. Justine explained “Even if you have a new arrival, and didn’t have your older children’s hands or feet cast, it’s still not too late!”. Justine offers a variety of options for home-casting or kits (which are available through her website). Pictures of her products show the detail in the castings, and how you can incorporate your own (adult) hand with that of a child …

Impala Impressions product shots baby hand and feet casting

or, indeed, baby feet or hands with those of its elder siblings.

Justine offers a home delivery service (for the castings, not for your baby!) and is more than happy to diarise forward to make an appointment in the first few weeks after your due date. And, as part of our joint venture, I am providing a portrait session which will allow you to have beautiful photographic memories of your baby (and other siblings) as well as the beautiful castings by Justine.

Justine also donates 1% of profit to The Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust.

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