{Personal} – “we are a grandmother …”

Such exciting times … my boyfriend’s daughter, Hollie, gave birth to her baby son, Leo Jacob, last Thursday. I was her birth partner, and alongside Hollie’s mum and the fabulous staff, helped bring him into the world on a cold, snowy night in the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. He weighed in at 7lb 5oz and has dark, curly hair. Not having any children myself, I wasn’t really prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of childbirth … Hollie was wonderful, following all the guidelines that we had learnt at the ante-natal classes and I felt honoured to be there and it is certainly an experience that I shall never forget.

You have been warned … Leo is probably going to feature in a few blog posts in the future …

Merry Christmas everyone – we have our own reason to celebrate at this special time!

6 Comments on “{Personal} – “we are a grandmother …”

  1. First day back at work to see your fabulous news – Congratulations, he really does look gorgeous. Look forward to seeing more photos soon. I do hope you all had a great new year.



  2. Congratulations to all concerned. What a priveledge to be invited to the birth. Having played an active part in the arrival of my three children I’ve ridden that roller-coaster, though some while ago now!

    Also what a lovely photo. Its great to see what you have achieved since you took that bold step to move into photography full-time, and haven’t you done well? My son has also survived his first year since graduating in media/photography working for a major picture agency in London.

    All the best for 2010


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