Faversham photographer Samantha Jones photographs {Tricky and Dicky}

I have recently been asked whether I photograph family pets and other types of animals – and the answer is yes! I thought I would show you a few images from a shoot recently with Tricky and Dicky, residents at Home Choice Carpets (www.homechoicecarpets.com) who are based in Whitstable. Take a look …

As to which one is Tricky, and which one is Dicky, well, I will let you guess! Thanks to Debbie for making me feel so welcome and thanks to Dicky, in particular, for being so well behaved!

Faversham Photographer Samantha Jones, shoots a great {Rock the Frock} session

One of my lovely brides from 2009, Maria (see the wedding pics here: Maria and Rob’s wedding day) agreed to be a model for the day and to get back into her dress! Along with Emily-Rose professional make-up artist (visit her site at www.emilyrosemakeupartist.co.uk), I travelled up to Leybourne Lakes and we Rocked that Frock …

Maria was great and took my directions really well – Emily was also fabulous, both at doing a super makeover and bridal hair, and holding the lights too! Unfortunately, the weather was really cold and threatening rain, but that made for dramatic skies and ever-changing light …

It had started to rain, and Maria’s two children (looked after by mum) were ready to make a move … I think Maria did enjoy her day as a model, Emily and I were really pleased with the shots that we got and thank you to Sandra for minding the babies!

Would love to see your comments below … and I am looking out for a couple more brides who would like to get back into their dresses and be a model for the day … so do drop me a line: sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk or give me a call: 07786 314973. You can also visit my website at www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk too!

Kat and Luke {engagement session} in bluebells and field of gold

Luke was one of the lucky winners of my engagement session competition at the Abbots Barton wedding fair a couple of months ago. We met up on Saturday and spent a couple of hours driving through the gorgeous Kent countryside to find some places to shoot … and here are the results …

Kat looked fab and had obviously been doing some homework on styling for engagement sessions. They were both great fun and there was lots and lots of laughter. Luckily Luke didn’t slide all the way down the bluebell hill .. but it would have made for a great shot!

We then jumped back into the car and went off in search of fields of gold …

The weather was starting to turn a bit threatening but the clouds and sky looked amazing …

… so we decided to pack up again and go back to Canterbury to enjoy hot chocolate and coffee at the Goods Shed … and, of course, just a couple more images …

Kat and Luke have decided to travel now that they are both finished at University and it was exciting to hear all their plans. They will be getting married at some stage in the north of England … but it was an absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon with this fun and lively couple and I wish them all the success in their future life together!

{Brides at Work} – fundraising initiative

I’ve been sent the following link that I wanted to share – yes, it’s unusual and crazy but I think it is a great way of raising funds for Breakthrough Breastcancer. The link is breakthrough.org.uk and I am going to replicate the text below:

The National Wedding Show is calling on all Brides to wear their wedding dress to work to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

It doesn’t matter if you were married in 2010, 1910 or even if it’s still a work in progress… if you can find a dress (and fit into it!) we need you to get sponsored to wear it to work on Friday 17th September 2010.

The whole of the wedding party can get involved too. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to take part. Whether they are the bride, groom, bridesmaid, bestman, mother of the bride or usher they can wear their outfits to work too.

To register, contact:

Events Team
020 7025 2426

If you, or anyone you know, is prepared to get back into your wedding dress on Friday 17 September 2010, let me know and I will come and photograph it. A close personal friend of mine is coming to the end of her chemotherapy as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. All of our lives will be touched by cancer and this crazy and unusual fundraising initiative is a way of giving something back.

And if you don’t want to wear your own dress, I’ve got two wedding dresses that you are more than welcome to borrow!

{Bluebells} – a fabulous photoshoot in King’s Wood near Canterbury

Sometimes, a photographer has to take a break from the day job – which saw me yesterday in the bluebells woods at Challock, with Emily Rose Professional Make-Up Artist (www.emilyrosemakeupartist.co.uk), model Lucy Rosetta and photographer Matt Tyler. It was supposed to be a nice, quiet area, allowing us to be creative without feeling overlooked … however, a huge group of walkers turned up at 10am, a gaggle of little school children and another party of adults filling out a survey about the surrounding area arrived shortly afterwards! Nonetheless, despite the early showers, we managed to get shots like these:

Yes, I know it’s rather odd to have a red velvet chair in the woods. But it works, kind of!

And bluebells, well yes, there were a few of those …

And oildrums too …

We used a mixture of ambient light and off-camera flash and also natural light. This final image was shot into the sun, with a reflector to bring back the light into Lucy’s face.

Thanks to everyone who made the shoot such fun and especially to Lucy, who braved quite chilly weather in gorgeous floaty dresses. If you fancy booking a session with me and Emily, just give me a call on 07786 314973. We can’t guarantee the bluebells, but we can guarantee beautiful images and lots of fun!

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