{Thank you} from Rachel and Peter Amos … my most recent wedding couple

I just wanted to add this personal post … there are always so many people involved in making a wedding day special and I was overjoyed to receive a beautiful bouquet of multi-coloured roses from my wonderful bride and groom, Rachel and Peter.

I thought I would incorporate their kind words into a montage with a picture of the beautiful flowers …

If you click on their names above, you can view my blog post from their wedding day. I enjoyed it very much and I know that they did too. Bring on the “Rock the Frock” session … it’s going to be great fun!

Thank you both for the very kind gesture and it very nearly made me cry xxx

4 Comments on “{Thank you} from Rachel and Peter Amos … my most recent wedding couple

  1. Hi Sam, Lovely images of the Bride and Groom. It’s so nice to hear of a wedding couple who appreciate the efforts of their photographer. There are plenty of photographers out there who are good with a camera. What sets some of us apart is the people skills, the ability to get to know the couple, find out what they want/don’t want to achieve, what they are comfortable with and achieve great images on the day without displaying a huge ego that spoils the day for everyone. I’m sure you tick all of these boxes otherwise your brides and grooms wouldn’t present you with such a lovely gift. Best of luck for the future. Vicky


    • Hi Vicky, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I think you are right with your comments – wedding photography is not always an easy job but with clients like Rachel and Pete, it was an absolutely pleasure!


  2. Vicky, you are so right. A wedding isn’t just made by the couple and people who attend………everyone who has a part to play helps to make or break it. In our case, everyone contributed to making our day so very special and we wanted to show out gratitude. Sam did a fabulous job, many people commented how fun and professional she was. Highly recommend her 🙂 xXx


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