Kate and Blake Barton {wedding} at St Peter and St Paul’s church at Ospringe

I have so many images that I would love to share with you from Kate and Blake’s wedding at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Ospringe. So I have decided to write two blogs post … starting with the celebrations at the church. The day started off with rain showers and I think that we were all watching the forecast with baited breath … but we did not need to worry, as the rain held off and the sun even made a short appearance!

Starting with Blake and his best man, his brother Brett:

And the gorgeous bridesmaids … being, well gorgeous!

And the last few nervous moments waiting in the church …

But no need to be nervous, Kate was arriving … ably assisted by her maid of honour, Anissa …

As Kate arrived alongside Blake, he whispered something to her …

St Peter and St Paul’s church is beautiful and I wanted to shoot without flash so as not to detract from Kate and Blake’s ceremony …

Reverend Ali who conducted the marriage ceremony, encourages enthusiastic participation by the congregation and they raised the rafters with their singing and their promise to support Kate and Blake in their married lives together. Both Kate and Blake’s mothers lit a candle representing their families and then Kate and Blake lit their own joint candle to symbolise their joining together.

After a blessing at the high altar, welcome the new Mr and Mrs Barton!

And on to the formal photography part …

And Kate and Blake leaving for their reception at the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale …

Watch out for Part 2 which includes some fabulous bridal portraits, fun shots of the bride and groom and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing!

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