{Photoshoot} with Missy and Maez

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maez before but hadn’t met her gorgeous chihuahua, Scamp! Missy, Maez and Scamp joined us at a photoshoot organised by the Faversham and District Camera Club (www.favershamanddistrictcameraclub.co.uk) with a variety of different lighting set-ups and some great styling! As the club is getting so large and people are so keen to take photographs, there wasn’t too much time for taking pics myself … however, take a look to see what I did get!

This is Maez …

And this is Missy …

As you can see, the girls have different styling and were both incredibly professional in their approach to the shoot, making it a pleasure for everyone involved (and I got to cuddle Scamp too!).

And a couple of cute ones with Scamp …

Thanks everyone for making it such a successful evening and congratulations to Maez, Missy and Scamp for being such fabulous models!

If you are interested in booking a model photoshoot, do get in touch. You can either drop me an email sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk or give me a call: 07786 314973. Based in Faversham but willing to travel!

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