Sometimes an image just jumps out …

I am finalising the editing for Ayumi and Peter’s wedding and I came across this image:

I was about to reject it as my second shooter, Kerry, was in the frame (hence the flying veil, although it was really windy). But I cropped it (sorry, Kerry!) and I am so happy with the final result. You can see every tiny jewel in Ayumi’s veil, you can see some of the the beautiful architecture at St Edmunds in Canterbury.

But most of all you can see how happy and beautiful Ayumi is. And that’s what wedding photography is all about. Happiness. I love my job. If you are interested in discussing your wedding photography plans, do visit my site at or drop me an email

And let me photograph your happiness too.

4 Comments on “Sometimes an image just jumps out …

  1. What a really lovely shot, but then Samantha is a gifted photographer and always produces the goods.
    I love the floating veil so different from the more formal wedding stock and the contrast with the rugged stone makes this a great picture


  2. Hi Sam! Thank you for everything you did for us…! I love this photo so much..!!! I was so happy and laughing when this was taken and Kerry was so kind to run for me.. I remember how fun it was to create this photo! It makes me smile even thinking about it now.. I really love this photo and the others below and thank you so much for making our day so special…


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