{Engagement sessions} – what are they and are they worth it?

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I offer engagement photoshoots for many of my couples as part of their wedding photography package. But I thought that it might be a good idea to explain what an engagement photoshoot actually entails. It’s not the moment when the question is actually “popped”, but as a way of introducing my clients into the world of wedding photography.

It is possibly as important for me, as the photographer, to have an engagement session (or “e-session”) as it is for my couples. I learn so much about my brides and grooms during the shoots (believe it or not, I do listen!). One of the most important thing is “are my couples blinkers”? So many people have an instinctive reaction, either to the flash, or to the sound of the shutter and we can work through this so that on the actual day, we can use the majority of images and not have to discard lots due to blinking. We photographers have various tricks to mitigate blinking, trust me!

Often when I first consult with my clients-to-be, they say “I hate having my photo taken”. Yep, me too. That’s why I am this side of the lens! It is my job, as a professional photographer, to make you feel more relaxed and to actually enjoy the experience so that on your wedding day, you know what to expect. We will have chatted through some poses and what my couples feel is most important for me to capture on their wedding day.

“Making a heart with your hands” is a method that I have employed quite a lot recently with my engaged couples. Yes, it’s daft, yes, it’s possibly a bit overused now (I am wracking my brains to think of other ideas … watch this space …) but it is guaranteed to create laughter, fun and interaction with my couples.

So who do you think has made the best “heart with their hands”?

If you are recently engaged, or just fancy treating yourself to a photoshoot with the one you love, drop me an email at sam@samanthajonesphotography, check out my website http://www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk, or give me a call on 07786 314973.

And get practising making hearts with your hands!

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