Rachel and Pete – “Rock the Frock” {sneak peek}

Wow. What more can I say. Just wow. I photographed Rachel and Pete’s wedding last July (you can see their day here). We had to postpone this shoot from last week due to the rain … but, oh goodness me, we could not have picked a better day.

Take a look:

We started off at the chandlery at Faversham Creek, then moved on to Seasalter, getting lots of interest from passersby!

Pete got a bit of off-camera lighting tuition too, although he was put to hard work making that veil fly!

I just don’t know which is my favourite …

But I think it is the one just above. And one last pic … in an aptly named Close near to where I live …

Rachel, you were amazing. Pete, you were great too. And yes, Rachel does look beautiful! If you are interested in getting back into your wedding dress, do drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk. It’s great fun, we don’t get the dress too dirty and just look at the amazing images!

4 Comments on “Rachel and Pete – “Rock the Frock” {sneak peek}

  1. Many thanks sam, we had great fun today very much at ease and relaxed! You are amazing!!!! Pete Amos xxx


    • Thanks Pete, I hope that you are feeling more confident about your own camera and so pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourself too, even though it was more about Rachel!!!


  2. Simply GORGEOUS!!! And I do say so myself 🙂 It was the most fun I have ever had that involved pictures of me…..I felt so relaxed and ready for anything. Today I was a model! The photos are beautiful, really capture the fun we had…..and my dress is STUNNING! I want to wear it again….and again…and again! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to ROCK IT 🙂 xXx


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