Vicky and Cliff’s {engagement photoshoot} – a sneak peek

Vicky and Cliff could not have chosen a more perfect day and location for their engagement photoshoot. They are getting married in August and I really do hope that the sun shines as brightly on their wedding day as it did today.

I promised a little quick sneak peek for them … and here it is. Each photoshoot brings its own surprises … I haven’t ever had to avoid having a giraffe sticking out of the top of one of my client’s heads … that’s the seaside for you!

Vicky and Cliff laugh … a lot. It was smiles all the way and we certainly received some curious glances from the sunbathers! And I loved the way that Vicky kindly pointed out that I had a very sandy bottom …

We stopped for a drink and an ice cream – which melted at an exceedingly fast rate – luckily Vicky’s engagement ring is already scheduled for a good clean before the wedding!

I know that Vicky was a bit hesitant about having her photograph taken but she assured me that she is now feeling much more relaxed about it all. And Cliff would appear to be naturally comfortable in front of the camera. So I can’t wait for their wedding day! Thanks for a great time on the beach today and see you both very soon!

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4 thoughts on “Vicky and Cliff’s {engagement photoshoot} – a sneak peek”

  1. Thanks for a fab time this morning, we both really enjoyed having the pictures taken. You made us both feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Hope you have recovered from the run away ice cream and don’t keep finding sand for the next 3 weeks :-).


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