Time for some {training}

When you engage your suppliers for your wedding, you assume that they are trained. The flowers should be exquisite, the food carefully and correctly prepared and the photographs … well, anyone can take photographs, can’t they? I’m afraid I have to disagree. Wedding photography is not just about having a decent camera – it’s about people management, styling, being confident, knowing your equipment inside and out and “seeing” the moment. I regularly attend training, not only on photography, but on building my business. This particular course has focussed my mind on the direction that I should be taking for my photography business … and was also loads of fun!

I got to spend the day with an internationally renowned photographer, his fabulous wife and a group of enthusiastic wedding photographers. Here are a few images from the day …

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We worked with professional models but it is still a matter of getting across to them how to position themselves for the best light. My clients aren’t models (well, not that I know of) and so it is my job to be able to gently coach them through finding the best angles for them. We worked in situations with low light and bright sun, finding the best ways to counteract these issues.

So, yes, I am more expensive than “Uncle Bob who has a nice camera”. But what you are getting is a professional, hard working photographer who creates heirloom photographs that you will treasure for years to come. Is it worth taking the risk of employing someone who doesn’t have the latest equipment and training? Summer of 2012 is getting booked up – if you are planning your wedding on either a Friday or Saturday in June, July and August, do please contact me for available dates. Don’t leave it too long … sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk.

3 Comments on “Time for some {training}

  1. I agree with you 100%…..who wants to look back at their wedding pics taken by “a friend” and wish they had some more professional ones taken, or captured in a different way. Pete and I will look at our pics and marvel at the high quality shots that you captured, that really show who we are and the atmosphere of the day! x


  2. These are very wise words, I know that some people do opt for a cheap option when it comes to the photos and guess what the result usually looks like its been taken by a keen amateur – lots of photos to start with of bog standard poses, then interest trails off as the ‘photographer’ get into the party and just takes the odd snap. I even went to a good friends wedding 10 years ago where all their film (yes it wasn’t digital) was LOST by the friend that took the pictures.


    • It is scary. I know that sometimes, especially during the height of summer, photographers can be very busy but I turn round all my weddings in two weeks or under. I recently heard of a bride who, seven weeks later, is still waiting for her images. They’ve been uploaded to an online gallery for guests to buy prints … but the bride and groom are still waiting!


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