Family photoshoot at Whitstable Castle – {sneak peek}

Usually, family and lifestyle shoots are booked in advance. This wasn’t the case with Gary, Nikki and the lovely Jemima – the family had taken the day off work to attend a photoshoot to celebrate Jemima’s first birthday and unfortunately their photographer got sick. However, the power of the internet and a recommendation from a friend of mine led to me being booked … with three hours’ notice! We arranged to meet up at Whitstable Castle, although Nikki was a little concerned about the dark clouds that were gathering … we worked quickly and efficiently (working with little ones means that you have to be fast and not mind lying down on the floor too!). We managed to get some fabulous shots, both candid and posed before the heavens opened!

We were just about to make our way down to the beach when we caught sight of the skies … and decided to dive into the Castle just before the hugest rain storm hit the Castle. With the wind buffeting chairs and tables around, we chatted over a cup of tea until the storm abated.

I was delighted to be able to spend some time with this lovely family and hope that Nikki’s family in South Africa enjoy looking at the pictures. I do sometimes have short notice appointments available during the week … but it’s usually best to book in advance. For more details on pricing, check out the page on my site: family photography by Samantha Jones and you can drop me an email too:

And here’s my favourite from the shoot …

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