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Something a little bit different from my “normal” photography … no people!

Well, I guess that’s not strictly true. There were people driving the tractors. Alfie (my Tibetan Terrier) and I went out for an early morning stroll, enjoying this delightful weather that the UK has at the moment – temperatures topping at 28.5 degrees, believe it or not! Anyway, we were walking through some woodland, when we came across the preparations for the East Kent Ploughing Match. I didn’t want to get too close … those things look sharp … but here’s a couple of images to show that, five minutes away from the town where I live, there is gorgeous countryside … and ploughing!

Tents had been put up and I could see a traction engine smoking in the distance. And shire horses too. Alfie and I decided not to hang around too long … and wandered back through the woods where the light (always so important for photographers) was perfect … enjoy the autumn colours!

And if you want to see Alfie in action (not taken today … but in the same field), here he is …

The Wedding Show at Leeds Castle, Kent 15 and 16 October 2011

The Wedding Show, Leeds Castle

I am delighted to announce that I will be one of the suppliers exhibiting at the Leeds Castle wedding show. This is the first two-day show of its kind in Kent and I have three pairs of tickets to give away for free saving you up to £20! There will be two fabulous catwalk shows hosted by Claire Sweeney for you to enjoy as well many, many exhibitors!

If you are interested in receiving two tickets allowing access on Saturday 15 October 2011 to the Leeds Castle wedding show, just post a comment below with the details of your wedding date and venue and the three lucky winners will be notified by email. On receipt of the email, I will require your home address in order to post out the vouchers so you must be prepared to provide this information on request.

You can find out more about the exhibitors and what to expect by clicking on the banner above or below. Hope to see you there!

Don’t delay – the chance to get your hands on these tickets expires on 11 October to ensure that I can get your tickets to you in time.


The Wedding Show, Leeds Castle

I went to a wedding and wasn’t the photographer … cheeky sneak peek of Emily and Anton!

On Saturday, I attended the wedding of a great friend of mine and amazing make-up artist, Emily-Rose to Anton. I had been at another photoshoot in the morning and speed through country lanes (trusting my SatNat) to get to this fabulous couple’s wedding. I know that they didn’t have a professional photographer, but I positioned myself discreetly in the last pew … and took some sneaky shots!

Emily, you looked amazing. Anton, so very handsome. And your commitment speech to Lara caused a few tears in the church, I can tell you! So take a look at this gorgeous couple … and congratulations!

The little ones were so cute!

And here comes Emily with her proud dad …

And Anton’s reaction to seeing his bride-to-be for the first time.

The church at Wickhambreaux is just beautiful, with the most amazing stained glass window and blue painted ceiling with stars.

As Emily and Anton came out of the church, there were hugs all round …

And some difficult lighting with gorgeous bright sunshine!

I think that the garter removal should wait until later, Anton (the truth being that Emily’s heels kept getting stuck in the hem of her dress!).

And the children did what children do!

Anton then announced that he was taking his wife for a drink in the pub … and off they went!

Congratulations to you both and, judging by the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook, your celebrations carried on long into the night! Hugs xx

Elaine and Roger – the story of their {wedding} day

It seems like ages ago that I photographed Elaine and Roger’s wedding celebrations … but it was only at the beginning of September! It’s been such a busy time but I am delighted to share with you some images from their special day at The Pines Calyx (( As one of their recommended photographers, it was wonderful to shoot at this fabulous venue.

But, back to the wedding … Elaine and Roger were married at St Martin’s, Acrise, which Elaine beautifully described as being “past a lovely pastoral scene of rolling hills and sheep” in her directions … and she wasn’t wrong!

I had stopped along the way to take some photos of said “rolling hills and sheep”, when a car drew up alongside and asked if I was local. I asked if they were going to Elaine and Roger’s wedding, which they rather surprised answered yes, and I was able to direct them to the church. You see, not just a photographer …

Anyway, moving back to the preparations … there was bow tying in the car park (on the car, not Roger) and some time for a few portraits.

And then, before we knew it, Elaine was arriving …

And on to the ceremony … where the vicar gave some hints and tips!

And laughter at the altar!

And soon they were married … off outside into the glorious sunshine for some portraits and the group shot.

And then off to the Pines Calyx for welcome drinks and a few more formal pictures.

And then a delicious meal. Elaine and Roger’s guests were entertained by a magician (and I still couldn’t work out how he performed all the tricks!) and then, all too soon, it was time for cake cutting.

By this time, a light drizzle had started but this certainly did not dampen the celebrations. I just have to leave you with one cheeky little chappie … look at him winking at the photographer!

Elaine and Roger, thank you so much for including me in your special day and I hope that you enjoyed your celebrations as much as I did! xx

Bonnie and Barny {wedding} at Thanet House (part 2)

Long awaited and much anticipated … here’s part 2 (part 1 is here). Sit back, relax and look out for those pants …

The sunshine was still glorious as we made our way back to the house …

And we had time for a few informal portraits with Bonnie and Barny before the formals.

And, despite the showers, Bonnie and Barny encouraged everyone out for a group shot!

Oh, and it rained …

But it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits and the laughter during the speeches.

Oh, those pants!

When the cry had gone up earlier “We need a sword …”, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But it was for cutting the cake!

Then it was time for the first dance …

With Bonnie and Barny then swiftly followed on to the dance floor by their guests! What an amazing day … I so very much enjoyed being part of it and seeing everyone having such a wonderful time. And the firework display that Barny arranged for his new bride was just amazing! Thanks again for including me in your celebrations and see you again soon for a Rock the Frock shoot … xxx

Bonnie and Barny {wedding} at St Margaret’s Church and Thanet House (part 1)

They’re back! Back from honeymoon and from Facebook, it seems as though Bonnie and Barny had the most fabulous honeymoon. So now it’s time to open the doors onto their wedding day … which started as a gloriously sunny day and ended in … torrential rain. Apparently, that’s lucky on your wedding day and it was certainly good weather for ducks (and the photographic proof is below). So grab a glass of something cold and join Bonnie and Barny on their special day …

The flowers and bouquets were all prepared by Bonnie’s mother …

And the girls had got up at 5am …

And looked beautiful!

And so did Bonnie …

Oh my goodness …

Then it’s off to the church!

Where the boys were looking suitably relaxed after their trip to the pub …

The church allows some photography during the ceremony …

And with tears being shed and then laughter and applause resounding throughout the church, it was congratulations all round to Mr and Mrs Finnigan! And then the procession started back to Thanet House, where the Pimms was on ice …

And another flying veil!

The next instalment will include socks, pants and a rusty old bike … watch out for Part 2 coming soon! But as promised, here are the ducks …

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