Elaine and Roger – the story of their {wedding} day

It seems like ages ago that I photographed Elaine and Roger’s wedding celebrations … but it was only at the beginning of September! It’s been such a busy time but I am delighted to share with you some images from their special day at The Pines Calyx ((www.pinescalyx.co.uk). As one of their recommended photographers, it was wonderful to shoot at this fabulous venue.

But, back to the wedding … Elaine and Roger were married at St Martin’s, Acrise, which Elaine beautifully described as being “past a lovely pastoral scene of rolling hills and sheep” in her directions … and she wasn’t wrong!

I had stopped along the way to take some photos of said “rolling hills and sheep”, when a car drew up alongside and asked if I was local. I asked if they were going to Elaine and Roger’s wedding, which they rather surprised answered yes, and I was able to direct them to the church. You see, not just a photographer …

Anyway, moving back to the preparations … there was bow tying in the car park (on the car, not Roger) and some time for a few portraits.

And then, before we knew it, Elaine was arriving …

And on to the ceremony … where the vicar gave some hints and tips!

And laughter at the altar!

And soon they were married … off outside into the glorious sunshine for some portraits and the group shot.

And then off to the Pines Calyx for welcome drinks and a few more formal pictures.

And then a delicious meal. Elaine and Roger’s guests were entertained by a magician (and I still couldn’t work out how he performed all the tricks!) and then, all too soon, it was time for cake cutting.

By this time, a light drizzle had started but this certainly did not dampen the celebrations. I just have to leave you with one cheeky little chappie … look at him winking at the photographer!

Elaine and Roger, thank you so much for including me in your special day and I hope that you enjoyed your celebrations as much as I did! xx

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