Something a little bit different from my “normal” photography … no people!

Well, I guess that’s not strictly true. There were people driving the tractors. Alfie (my Tibetan Terrier) and I went out for an early morning stroll, enjoying this delightful weather that the UK has at the moment – temperatures topping at 28.5 degrees, believe it or not! Anyway, we were walking through some woodland, when we came across the preparations for the East Kent Ploughing Match. I didn’t want to get too close … those things look sharp … but here’s a couple of images to show that, five minutes away from the town where I live, there is gorgeous countryside … and ploughing!

Tents had been put up and I could see a traction engine smoking in the distance. And shire horses too. Alfie and I decided not to hang around too long … and wandered back through the woods where the light (always so important for photographers) was perfect … enjoy the autumn colours!

And if you want to see Alfie in action (not taken today … but in the same field), here he is …

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