Karen and Dan wedding {sneak peek}

I now know that my blog is read on a regular basis. As I was leaving Karen and Dan’s evening reception, Karen’s mum took me aside and said “When will the sneak peek be up? I check your blog every day …”. So, Janet, this one is for you (and, of course, for Karen and Dan!).

It was windy and rainy during yesterday’s wedding, but it certainly didn’t put a dampener on the events. I felt so very welcome amongst the diamonds, pearls and kilts and thanks to everyone who pitched in to help, particularly Vicki, one of Karen’s bridesmaids and Howard, Dan’s best man.

I just couldn’t resist this pic either …

More will follow in the story of Karen and Dan’s day but Karen, you looked absolutely stunning and Dan, the poem was just perfection (even if it didn’t completely rhyme …).

Much love to you both and be in touch very soon.


2 Comments on “Karen and Dan wedding {sneak peek}

  1. Thanks Sam. It was a pretty amazing day. Now cant wait to see the full set!


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