Vintage fashion photoshoot for Madam Popoff in Margate

I haven’t been to Margate for a long time … well, not in my “grown up” years anyway. I’ve followed its recent re-emergence as a hub of vintage fashion and style, particularly in the Old Town, and was delighted to be introduced to Debbie, owner at Madam Popoff, who is in King Street in the older part of Margate. Madam Popoff stocks an eclectic mix of eras and genres and is continually seeking out “new” items to parade in front of the public. Madam Popoff also has an online ASOS store and I joined in with lovely model Lucy Lu on a rather chilly, but bright day and here are some of the images … ASOS are very strict with their regulations and only shots which are taken outside and using natural light are allowed. So I had to take this into account but am delighted with the results …

I really enjoyed working with the creativity of Madam Popoff, the excellent skills of Lucy and the wonderful location in Margate. You can find all of these items (if they haven’t already been sold!) and many more on Madam Popoff’s ASOS store Madam Popoff Vintage on ASOS or you could always pop down to Margate and have a browse around! I hope to be involved in more shoots with this amazing store and, of course, if you are an online retailer and are looking for up-to-date, professional images for your website, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

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