Vicky and Cliff – the full story of their wedding day at Salmestone Grange

Last summer was a busy one for weddings. When I met up with Vicky and Cliff recently to photograph their new addition Ben, we chatted about their wedding at Salmestone Grange and it occurred to me that, although I had posted a “sneak peek” on my blog and had also posted their pre-wedding photoshoot, I hadn’t yet posted the full story of their day. So it’s time to rectify that omission and take you back to a sunny (and a bit rainy) day last August at Salmestone Grange.

The day started quite bright and I met up with the bridal entourage who were getting ready at the Grange. It was all systems go!

“Cadbury’s Purple” was the order of the day for the bridesmaids …

And then I could see that the boys had arrived, so I popped downstairs for some pics.

Before we knew it, it was time for the groom to go the chapel and await his bride. At this point, it started to rain but luckily only the merest drizzle! The chapel at Salmestone is intimate but I had a wonderful position right at the front … Vicky and Cliff are very, very, very smiley!

Drinks on the front lawn followed the ceremony and the sun had started to shine! We had time for some portraits and formal group shots and it was at this point that I nearly fell in the pond (which was covered up later …)!

Vicky and Cliff had chosen one of their pre-wedding photoshoot images and I had it mounted as a signature board. It’s a lovely alternative to a signature book (although organised bride Vicky had that sorted too!).

And the “confetti walk” – I do recommend that my couples don’t breathe in during the confetti … not sure if Cliff took heed of my advice …

Time really does go quickly on wedding days and it was soon time for the wedding breakfast … and the speeches. When I look back through the images that I captured, there is so much laughter … particularly from the groom! And a mop … and a space hopper …

The wedding breakfast was so tasty but it was then time to cut the cake … with a purple theme, of course!

Such a wonderful day, full of laughter and I was delighted to be a part of it. And now that there is a new generation, I’ll be keeping in close contact with this lovely family as they grow!

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