Chelsea Register Office wedding with a red London bus, hailstones and a double rainbow …

Way back last August, I had the pleasure of joining Amanda and Rob and their family and friends at an intimate ceremony at Chelsea Register Office. Such an iconic location and the registrars are so relaxed about photography that it’s quite refreshing. I joined the bride and groom at their home for preparations before boarding the bus, a big red London bus!

Caroline and Chris, my very first wedding couple, were also at the wedding as Chris is the groom’s brother. Fabulous to see them both again!

Amanda and Rob have two young children, and their daughter insisted on sitting with daddy with her sticker book, hence the rather difficult exchange of rings!

The registrars even let me stand up on their chair to get the group shot …

And then it was time for the confetti shot and to jump back on the bus. It was still sunny then …

But, my goodness, Amanda looked so stylish and both she, and her new husband, smiled all day … even when it started to hailstone – it makes it a bit awkward when you are on an open topped bus …

But it really was a case of sunshine and showers throughout the trip around the tourist attractions in London … and we even stopped off for more champagne!

See what I mean about the gorgeous, smiley bride! And then our next stop was on the London eye and the sun came out and blessed us with a double rainbow. Excellent timing!

And yes, I did get coerced into having my photo taken so that’s me, in the top right hand image in the flowery top … but I quickly focused my attention back on to the bride and groom … lovely!

And then it was sadly time for me to leave the wedding party to their evening celebrations and speed back home to get ready for Vicky and Cliff’s wedding the following day. But such a great time, photographing wonderfully happy people … I love my job!

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