Smile, Tom, smile … the value of pre-wedding photoshoots

Jo and Tom’s wedding is in three weeks. When we originally met about a year ago, they didn’t really fancy a pre-wedding photoshoot. But luckily, Tom had the idea of having a signature board for guests to sign on their wedding day … and they gave me a call. With their gorgeous dog Max, we popped down to their local woods with bluebells everywhere … and I tried my hardest to get Tom to smile …

There was a bit of leaf whipping …

And some tree climbing. And some laughter … lots of that, actually …

And there was Max, being … Max …

And then … smiling …

And finally some off camera flash “rockstar” photography …

And plenty of off camera smiling … it was great to spend time with you both today and I hope that it wasn’t too traumatic Tom … see you in just a few weeks’ time – can’t wait!

2 Comments on “Smile, Tom, smile … the value of pre-wedding photoshoots

  1. Love love love all of these!! max looks great!! Thankyou, glad we did this now before the wedding!! you know a bit more about Tom nowxx


    • Thanks, Jo, great fun, wasn’t it? I know that you both didn’t feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera but I think we still got some fabulous shots. It will all be so very different on your wedding day, with lots of gorgeous candids so that Tom won’t even know he’s being photographed!


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