Fast and furious … and not just the shutter speeds!

With this little bit of good weather, it was great to be outside today. I was introduced to a group of ladies who are training their puppies (who are all under a year old) by my good friend Rachel from JustSo Clothing and was allowed along to take some photographs! The morning started with some running and chasing (and having a puppy myself, I know that he would have enjoyed himself so much …) and then they got down to the training part. Here are just a couple of montages from today!

Photographing black dogs can sometimes be quite challenging and there were two black labs there today so I got plenty of practice!

But I think the images came out just fine!

For those of you who have met my Tibetan Terrier, Alfie, know that he isn’t always the most obedient of dogs (but undeniably cute …) and I was really impressed with the owners and how their dogs listened and reacted. Alfie, it’s time to start training again!

Thank you to everyone who let me coming along today and gave me permission to photograph them and their dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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