Samantha Jones Photography {in the press}

It’s been great to see a couple of my images used in local newspapers to illustrate recent events and stories.

The image on the left was chosen by the newspaper from a selection of five sent in by Margate model, Lucy Evans. You can see more of the images in my blog post about the shoot with Madam Popoff’s Vintage Emporium.

The image on the right was taken at The Pines Calyx from a recent Help for Heroes Charity event organised by Ellie Beer of and about which I really must blog …

It really gives me a boost when my images are used … yes, I realise that I wasn’t credited in either of the reports but apparently, that’s the norm for local newspapers. But I know that they are my images and am delighted that my work has been showcased!

Frances and Phil – their wedding day story {in full}

You may remember Frances and Phil’s sneak peek from their very personalised wedding at Lympne Castle. Sitting here in the gorgeous evening sunshine, it’s difficult to believe that the day of their wedding was overcast, cloudy, cold and raining. But if you take a look at their images below, you just don’t see it in their smiles and celebrations.

I started with bridal preparations in the Gate House at Lympne Castle … and as soon as I saw Frances’s unique, vintage wedding dress, I knew it was going to be an amazing day …

With gloves, a handmade fan, personalised wedding shoes and a groom’s wedding ring with an inscription … I was in detail heaven!

And the groom’s antique cufflinks … despite the rain, this small area outside where the groom and his best man were getting ready had some gorgeously soft diffused light.

Very “Downton Abbey”, Phil! But now, back to the bride …

Oh Frances, you are gorgeous! Then it was on with the wellies, up with the brollies for the short walk to the Castle …

And time for this gorgeous couple to celebrate their love.

The rain sadly meant that we couldn’t have the group shot (or, indeed, any of the formal photographs) outside, although we were allowed to do the confetti shot indoors …

I mentioned details earlier … well, feast your eyes!

These personalised champagne flutes were a surprise gift!

Frances and Phil had planned lawn games and a sports day which luckily could still take place in the marquee rather than out on the lawn. Whilst reviewing my images, I did see a little bit of dubious egg holding …

With prizes awarded and afternoon tea and scones enjoyed, we had a brief respite from the rain and took advantage of the opportunity to spend a few minutes outdoors.

With some light reading …

All too soon, it was time to head back in for the speeches and wedding breakfast. And the first dance (choreographed but I expected nothing less …) and the cutting of the cake, made and decorated by the groom!

And time for one last quick set of shots outside …

It was an absolute pleasure to be with you, Frances and Phil, on your wedding day and also to work alongside toastmaster Philip Shorthouse ( and Ashmore Video.

Your final set of edited images will be with you very soon but, in the meantime, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reliving your day! xx

I defy you not to smile … Oliver’s six month old photoshoot {sneak peek}

After what seems like months of rain, the sun finally has arrived. And today was super scorchingly hot. But Oliver, one of my bump to baby families, could not have been more well behaved … well, apart from that tiny little bit of “spit up”. But hey, I’m sort of used to that now … so, as promised, here’s your sneak peek for mummy and daddy …

This little one is definitely the boss of the household!

And his smile is infectious! See what I mean …

And I’m pretty sure that his mummy and daddy love him very, very much indeed.

Looking forward to showing you the rest and then seeing which images you decide to choose for your photobook album. I hope that you’re all nice and cool now … and be in touch again very soon! xx

Finally! Some gorgeous sunshine for Rosie and Dave’s pre-wedding photoshoot {sneak peek}

It’s been a long time coming but is, indeed, very welcome! Rosie and Dave, who are celebrating their wedding in September, suggested that we meet up for their pre-wedding photoshoot right at the beginning of their break from school … and the weather was just perfect! 27.5 degrees and gorgeously warm which can present a photographer with a few lighting dilemmas. It seems rather strange on such a sunny day to ask Rosie and Dave to seek shade … but I think it was worth it. Here’s your sneak peek as promised …

There was a lot of giggling and smiles and a little bit of shyness in the mix too. I hope that our session yesterday has given both Rosie and Dave a bit more confidence about being the centre of attention on their wedding day but I am sure that it is a going to be a wonderful celebration for a couple who so obviously delight in each other’s company.

See you in just a few weeks time … can’t wait!

Slow moving, heavy rain – perfect for Emma and Luke’s outside ceremony at Rowhill Grange {sneak peek}

Hasn’t the weather been glorious this summer so far? A little cooler and rainier than usual? But nothing, absolutely nothing could detract from this stylish, fun and emotional wedding. Emma and Luke celebrated at Rowhill Grange and the weather was somewhat … changeable!

I know that they are looking forward to their honeymoon adventure and, by the sounds of it, it’s going to be a trip of a lifetime. But I just wanted to post up their sneak peek before they embark on their trip …

Emma, you looked absolutely stunning – Luke, you scrubbed up pretty well too …

Emma and Luke avoiding the rain and then singing their hearts out in the photo booth …

And, for those of you who were there, and know what happened … here’s the aftermath …

More images will follow but, in the meantime, thank you to you both and to all your friends and families for making it such a fabulous and entertaining wedding! Enjoy your honeymoon … xx

Frances and Philip – {sneak peek} from a rainy day wedding at Lympne Castle

They dated once when they were at school. They egged each other’s houses … well Phil did … and they fell in love. Engraved on the inside of Phil’s wedding ring are the words “You could ask me tomorrow”. After Frances’s emotional speech, we now know why. The rain, which fell on their beautiful wedding venue for almost the entire day, could not dampen the love that this couple have for each other. Their intensely personal wedding had a wealth of unique and unusual touches. And gin. Lots and lots of gin.

But before this newly wed couple leave for their honeymoon, I wanted to share a sneak peek with you, in one of the very brief moments when the rain actually stopped falling …

I hope that the sun shines for you both for your honeymoon and I can’t wait to share more images with you when you return. xx

Carolyn and Daniel {married} – part two

If you enjoyed part one yesterday, then sit back, relax and enjoy part two of Carolyn and Daniel’s wedding celebrations.

We left the new Mr and Mrs Hobbs amidst a flurry of confetti at the end of part one … but it was a mere few minutes drive to the beautiful gardens where we had ten minutes for some portraits. Although we weren’t blessed with sun, the images are full of beauty and colour and most importantly, love and smiles.

But soon it was time to return to the reception venue and a few more fun family and friend portraits!

(Neither the bride nor groom were hurt during the capturing of these images!!)

With two best men, it was almost guaranteed that the groom would spend quite a lot of time laughing or with his heads in his hands. Guests had come from various points on the globe and the beauty of having professional wedding photographs is that they can be, and hopefully will be, shared with those who sadly were unable to attend. The speeches held everyone captivated!

And Daniel referred to his “new wife” a lot!

And the addition of Daniel’s business cards to the seat placing of each and every guest raised the roof!

And hopefully some business too! With evening guests arriving soon after the delicious hog roast had been finished, it was all too soon time for cutting of the cake, signing the signature board (with an image from their engagement photoshoot in Broadstairs) and the first dance … with both Carolyn and Daniel encouraging everyone to join them on the dance floor.

And their guests certainly did join in!

By now, the rain has started to abate, which was just as well as there was one more surprise for the bride. After coaxing his new wife to join him on the balcony for a romantic “second first dance”, the fireworks started! Glow sticks abounded and it was a wonderful spectacle …

All in all, it was a wonderful day and the longest that I have spent capturing a wedding. Just one more picture to round off this part two:

With thanks to Lauren for her assistance and support on the day and looking forward to hearing from you both when you return from your honeymoon and I hope that you have the most wonderful time! xx

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