October 2008 – Heroes Parade in London for Olympians and Paralympians

Four years ago, my life was very different. I was working full time as a legal PA in a law firm in London, commuting four hours per day to a job which I enjoyed (probably because I worked with some amazing and fun people and probably also because we had brilliant clients). Our group in the firm had been closely associated with the Paralympics in Beijing and, indeed, one of my bosses at the time had the honour of carrying a Paralympic torch in Beijing. During October 2008, there was a huge Heroes Parade in London to welcome back our sports men and women. I jumped at the opportunity to take my (then) little camera with me and to try to capture some shots from street level on Ludgate Hill. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been contacted a number of times either by people who are featured in the images that I took (my Flickr images were on the BBC Website (my images are numbers 7 and 9) and one of them had the highest amount of views – go me!) or by magazines wanting to feature the images in articles that they are writing. One of the Paralympians said that it was the nicest photograph she had even seen of herself, which is a lovely thing for a photographer to hear.

So I thought it was time to show these images on my blog, especially as we are now counting down the days to the London Olympics. Whether I will ever have the chance again to photograph such a diverse group of amazing people, who knows, but I am so pleased that my images are still enjoyed and being used.

I know who this is …

Take a look … what I really would like is to be able to identify the people in the images … and to hear how their lives have changed in the time since Beijing. So, internet, help me out … let’s find out who these proud Olympians and Paralympians are!

So if you can identify anyone, just leave a comment below! My life has changed in the last four years … how much have these athletes lives changed too? And of course, if anyone can get me a press pass, I’d be delighted to photograph again …

2 Comments on “October 2008 – Heroes Parade in London for Olympians and Paralympians

  1. Hey Sam!! fab photos!! I reconise the guy on the crutches with the sunnies on and the gold medals as Lee Pearson (think thats how you spell it) he rides in the equestrain side of things, and wins loads too!!!


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