Beautiful {boudoir} for a birthday surprise

How I’ve been waiting to blog about this boudoir photoshoot. But I had to wait until the album was given to her lucky husband … and apparently, he’s planning volume II already so it must have been a success!

With boudoir photography, I have to be guided by my client: what she needs, how she feels and what her inspiration is for the shoot and also for the end result. I was delighted to have some high quality local suppliers on board, and thanks to the amazing make-up go to Katie Searle of and for the cat walk worthy hair, to the lovely Natalie Shirlaw of

I’ll be chatting to the lovely {Mrs L} about her experiences and how she felt during the shoot and this will make up another blog post but, for the time being, take a look at what we created. There was a definite nod to the 40’s, with a strong red lip and dramatic eyes. Perfect!

We worked through some different outfits … my client wanted more of a “hint” rather than revealing too much!

Quite a few of the images were eventually chosen in black and white and I had found an art deco set which included a beautiful and highly stylised mirror …

And my client also brought with her jewellery and other items which she knew would mean something to her husband. We incorporated those into the shoot which added a very personal touch to the album.

I’ll be putting up a slideshow of the draft for the final album in another blog post but thanks again to everyone who was involved in this shoot and to No. 64 at The Joiners in West Malling for allowing us to use their vintage French inspired boutique hotel.

2 Comments on “Beautiful {boudoir} for a birthday surprise

  1. Nice pictures Sam, did you use a studio set up for your lighting or just on camera flash? The lighting looks too even and controlled to be “on Camera”. It is the ability to deliver the goods for special shoots like this that shows the true professional, especially as you weren’t using a professional model, yet still achieved some great results, a real credit to you.


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