Carolyn and Daniel {married} the full story … part one!

You may have seen Carolyn and Daniel’s (sneak peek) on the blog earlier this week, but I wanted to share with you the story of their day. When a photographer arrives for bridal preparations and is greeted by this, you just know it’s going to be a wonderful day!

Oh yes, there were hearts and flowers and details and, well, just everything! And the giggling took me into the house, to be warmly greeted by a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids (and parents and friends and, of course, most importantly, the bride). And the dress …

I’ve always wanted to photograph a wedding dress hanging from a chandelier and because Mike, Carolyn’s father, is gorgeously tall and didn’t mind the dress being hung up in such a fashion, I finally got to do it!

I managed to photograph the flowers before Sam, one of the best men, arrived to whisk away the boys’ flowers …

And, of course, due to the unseasonable weather we’ve been having lately, the bride had invested in some fabulous wellies (which I don’t believe she had to wear!)

Time waits for no-one on a wedding day and experienced bridesmaid, Heather, was checking her watch and chivvying everyone into action … with bow tying and teeth cleaning, there really wasn’t a moment to waste … and I hadn’t realised that there is an app for lacing a bride into her dress … these girls were super-prepared!

And the girls looked gorgeous!

And the car, a Lammas Graham, was arriving …

And it was time for a few last photographs with mum and dad and close family …

Before we sped off to the church to be met by Daniel and the guests!

A few nervous moments, and then Carolyn with proud dad Mike, entered to a packed church …

And then they were married! The new Mr and Mrs Hobbs left the church to an avalanche of confetti, probably the most I’ve ever encountered at a wedding!

More to follow in part two …

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