Carolyn and Daniel {married} – part two

If you enjoyed part one yesterday, then sit back, relax and enjoy part two of Carolyn and Daniel’s wedding celebrations.

We left the new Mr and Mrs Hobbs amidst a flurry of confetti at the end of part one … but it was a mere few minutes drive to the beautiful gardens where we had ten minutes for some portraits. Although we weren’t blessed with sun, the images are full of beauty and colour and most importantly, love and smiles.

But soon it was time to return to the reception venue and a few more fun family and friend portraits!

(Neither the bride nor groom were hurt during the capturing of these images!!)

With two best men, it was almost guaranteed that the groom would spend quite a lot of time laughing or with his heads in his hands. Guests had come from various points on the globe and the beauty of having professional wedding photographs is that they can be, and hopefully will be, shared with those who sadly were unable to attend. The speeches held everyone captivated!

And Daniel referred to his “new wife” a lot!

And the addition of Daniel’s business cards to the seat placing of each and every guest raised the roof!

And hopefully some business too! With evening guests arriving soon after the delicious hog roast had been finished, it was all too soon time for cutting of the cake, signing the signature board (with an image from their engagement photoshoot in Broadstairs) and the first dance … with both Carolyn and Daniel encouraging everyone to join them on the dance floor.

And their guests certainly did join in!

By now, the rain has started to abate, which was just as well as there was one more surprise for the bride. After coaxing his new wife to join him on the balcony for a romantic “second first dance”, the fireworks started! Glow sticks abounded and it was a wonderful spectacle …

All in all, it was a wonderful day and the longest that I have spent capturing a wedding. Just one more picture to round off this part two:

With thanks to Lauren for her assistance and support on the day and looking forward to hearing from you both when you return from your honeymoon and I hope that you have the most wonderful time! xx

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