Samantha Jones Photography {in the press}

It’s been great to see a couple of my images used in local newspapers to illustrate recent events and stories.

The image on the left was chosen by the newspaper from a selection of five sent in by Margate model, Lucy Evans. You can see more of the images in my blog post about the shoot with Madam Popoff’s Vintage Emporium.

The image on the right was taken at The Pines Calyx from a recent Help for Heroes Charity event organised by Ellie Beer of and about which I really must blog …

It really gives me a boost when my images are used … yes, I realise that I wasn’t credited in either of the reports but apparently, that’s the norm for local newspapers. But I know that they are my images and am delighted that my work has been showcased!

2 Comments on “Samantha Jones Photography {in the press}

  1. Hi all, Ellie Beer of The Finishing Touhes here! Just to add to Sam’s article above, I’d like to just mention that Sam donated her services for the Help For Heroes charity and provided such a professional photography service, contributing to (and capturing, of course) the event’s success. I will very much look forward to using Sam at the next opportunity The Finishing Touches gets.


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