Getting married and the art of knitting … Emma and Luke’s wedding at Rowhill Grange {part one}

Seven months. It took Emma and her friend seven months to knit each of the wedding guests and, where possible, their outfits too. You’ll see them later on … but we should really start with Emma and her bridesmaids, getting ready in the Groombridge suite at Rowhill Grange …

After having met Emma and Luke, and had a laughter-filled engagement photoshoot at Whitstable, I had an idea of how their wedding might be … filled with gorgeous details and lots and lots of laughter … and I wasn’t disappointed …

And Emma, in her personalised bathrobe, was already looking pretty gorgeous!

With beautiful flowers …

It was all coming together. Now, as I had joined Emma in the bath (to look out of the window to see who was arriving …), we saw that Luke had turned up so I left the girls to their preparations and joined the boys. Firstly, the rings …

And the age old discussion of “do the flowers go on the left on the right?”

With these boys as his support team, Luke really couldn’t go wrong. Many hands make light work, and I spotted the knitted characters being put out on the wedding breakfast table …

Now, back off to the Groombridge suite to see Emma being helped into her dress …

It was time to make our way over to the gazebo … and then it started to rain. We held back until the shower has passed and I took the opportunity to get a few images of Emma and her bridesmaids: Charlotte, Gemma and Tasha.

Although we were running late, the registrars were kindly delaying the start of the ceremony to make sure that Emma and Luke could get married outside. And the guests were waiting …

There were a few tears on the way but weddings are all about emotion and Luke quickly put a smile back on his bride’s face.

Trying to remain unobtrusive during the ceremony can sometimes be hard … Luke, look at your wife!

An unusual shot at the signing of the register … Usain Bolt has a lot to answer for!

And just enough time for the formal shots before being called in for the wedding breakfast.

My advice to brides and grooms during the throwing of the confetti is not to breathe in!

And I’ll end this part one with an image of the new Mr and Mrs Constable.

Part Twowill follow soon …

5 Comments on “Getting married and the art of knitting … Emma and Luke’s wedding at Rowhill Grange {part one}

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  2. Emma’s dress is stunning…she is beautiful too! I really like the picture of her getting the veil put in. B&W creates such a gorgeous contrast 🙂


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