Julie and Noel – far too much giggling and laughter at a wedding – {sneak peek}

The weather was perfect – warm with a gentle breeze. The bride was relaxed and prepared. The rings were made of copper (accordingly to the groom’s brother) and from this point on, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a wedding! Such a warm welcome from both Julie and Noel’s family and the ease with which both families and friends came together in celebrating this wedding was a delight to behold.

Before Julie and Noel jet off on their honeymoon (do say hello to my Canadian cousins …), I wanted to post a quick sneak peek from yesterday …

However, romantic and sweet as this image is (and the couple needed no direction at all …), the following image sums up what was, for me, the true spirit of this wedding!

I have no doubt that you will both have the most amazing adventure on your honeymoon and I’m looking forward to sharing your wedding day images with you on your return. Thank you again for including me in your celebrations and congratulations again to you both! xx

3 Comments on “Julie and Noel – far too much giggling and laughter at a wedding – {sneak peek}

  1. I LOVE the second picture, sheer delight and happiness. I think if that sums up the wedding, Julie and Noel are very blessed! 🙂


    • There’s often a back story to a photograph … this was just after the confetti shot and Noel had been helping out his wife with checking where it had gone … it’s moments like this that really sum up the happiness that my couples are feeling.


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