Lydia and Peter and a red Rolls Royce … {the full story – part one}

When I first Lydia and Peter in a coffee bar in Whitstable and Lydia told me how many bridesmaids she would be having and that their reception venue was owned by a princess, well, I was hooked. I wanted to jump up and shout “pick me, pick me”. And, thankfully, by the time I had driven home from our initial consult, I had a voicemail saying that they wanted to pick me … we met up for a blustery pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable and I realised just how much this couple are in love.

Time sped by and we had arrived at their wedding day … the sun was shining and it was enjoyably warm … and it was time to meet these gorgeous bridesmaids and mini bridesmaids! But first, to the church and to meet the boys …

Looking pretty smart!

But really, a wedding is all about the girls so it was a quick stroll up the road to nan and granddad’s house for the bridal preparations …

Where it really was all systems go!

But it was worth it!

And how!

A quick run up the road for me … and it was time to await the bridal party!

They all looked so cool and beautiful, despite the heat!

And into the church, where the singing and celebrations raised the roof …

It was soon time to leave the cool, calm of the church and to record the formal part of the day … the group shots. And a few others of hugs and guests and smiles too!

And a quick stop outside (well, nearly) of the lychgate for confetti …

And then off into their red Rolls Royce and away to the reception venue at Provender House!

Join us at Provender House in tomorrow’s blog post for part two!

5 Comments on “Lydia and Peter and a red Rolls Royce … {the full story – part one}

  1. Can’t believe it’s all over! What a great day……can’t wait to see the Provender pics!


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