Charly and Mark celebrate their wedding at Quex Park {part one}

You may have seen Charly and Mark’s sneak peek on the blog. I can’t believe it is nearly two weeks since their wedding day and I know that they are settling in to married quarters … and looking forward to seeing their photographs. Quex Park is home to the Powell-Cotton Museum and had its origins in a pavilion built in the garden in 1896 to house the growing collection of trophies gathered by the young Percy Powell-Cotton on a series of amazing trips to the wildest areas of northern India and Tibet. The Museum now comprises eight galleries displaying many significant and world-class objects and it was great to take a quick look at a couple of these galleries during my time at Quex. Anyway, back to Charly and Mark … this is the entrance to the main house at Quex … nice!

And it was up the infamous stairs that I went to find Charly and her mum, chief bridesmaid Maz and sister-in-law Victoria all seeming quite relaxed. Indeed, Victoria was ironing Charly’s veil!

With lovely shoes and a gorgeous tiara too!

And the dress …

Flowers from the lovely Karen at were a beautiful touch and perfectly designed to complement the design of Charly’s dress and the height of the bridesmaids and flower girls.

But despite being in the midst of bridal preparations, as soon as Charly heard that the cake had arrived … well, she was off!

I love the top decoration! There was a rumour that the boys were on their way so back Charly went to her preparations whilst I awaited the boys. And it was worth it.

That’s Mark, the groom, who was looking very handsome indeed. And his brothers and ushers weren’t looking too bad either!

The beauty of Quex is that it is very accessible. Speeding through the galleries and back up to Charly and her family, I saw that she had now been joined by her sisters Ilona, Siana and Cerys …

And her flowergirls, Olivia and Elodie. Gorgeous!

I may have mentioned that this was a military wedding. I had no doubt exactly how things were going to be run … efficiently and effectively!

Time to get into that gorgeous dress, Charly!

You looked fabulous, Charly!

A quick moment for a bridal party photograph and then time to descend those stairs …

Back down to the wedding guests where I found out what is kept in a sporran … before the arrival of the bride!

A little bit of emotion isn’t a bad thing at a wedding and dad was on hand …

But soon Charly had eyes for no-one else but her husband …

And they were celebrated as the new Mr and Mrs McNelis to a guard of honour!

I won’t show the images of Charly in the process of being picked up by the guard of honour but here was the final result …

We had some fun formal shots (and I still couldn’t remember everyone’s name) and then Charly and Mark and I had a moment to step away from the craziness for a few portraits.

You can join us for part two at the beginning of next week but I hope that these first images have given you a feel for this lovely wedding … emotion, love and gorgeous light … more next week! x

P.S. Here’s the link to part two …

10 Comments on “Charly and Mark celebrate their wedding at Quex Park {part one}

  1. Both my wife and I found the blog to absolutely adorable. Chris told us that it was fairy tale wedding and the photos certainly captured that feeling.
    It must have been a wonderful day and we wish them both every happiness from the Pacific North coast of Canada


  2. Sam, these are just fantastic. I love the way your narration of the day just captures it all so well. We can’t thank you enough, looking forward to part two. x


  3. Lovely to have met you Sam, it was a fairytale dream wedding and the photos are just superb. Well done and carry on the good work.

    Best wishes from the mother of the groom.


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