Charly and Mark and a Quex Park wedding … {part two}

You may have seen part one of Charly and Mark’s stories (and thank you everyone for your lovely comments!) so sit back, relax and enjoy part two!

Charly and Mark were happy with taking a few moments away from their guests to stroll around the grounds – I’m so pleased that they did …

Gorgeous and giggly!

And proud of being married too …

Now, Charly’s dad had it spot on. He said it would rain at 6.10pm. It may have been just a few minutes either side … but it did, luckily just as Charly and Mark made their entrance for the wedding breakfast. Lots of guests having a great time and enjoying each other’s company and some great photographic opportunities for me too!

And I noticed that the bride talks a lot with her hands …

We had another few minutes between courses and before speeches to pop out to the front of Quex – the rain had stopped and the light was gorgeous!

And so was Charly …

And now … the speeches. When Charly’s dad spoke, Charly’s emotions were changing from laughter to tears and back again …

And When Mark spoke, on behalf of himself and his wife, the reactions were quite similar …

And when Charly’s mum and Mark’s brother (as best man) spoke … yep, you guessed it!

After cutting the cake with a very long sword … it was time for the first dance …

Which released the energies of the bouncy flower girls!

And also of the guests!

And one final image of a bit of anthem singing …

And then it was time for me to go. As I was hugged by lots of people, I felt as though I had been made truly welcome. And as I drove home, the rain started and I just couldn’t believe how perfect the timing had been. After all, you should always listen to your dad … with much love to you both and thank you to everyone who made it such fun! xx

3 Comments on “Charly and Mark and a Quex Park wedding … {part two}

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  2. Simply fabulous again, thank you so much. The narration just captures the atmosphere so well and I never realised I talked so much with my hands! x x


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