Samantha Jones Photography on the internet – Profile Picture for one of the Cooks To Market competitors!

I have a great friend, Janet, who makes the most delicious cakes. We met at a networking event way back in 2009 and have since become firm friends. We’ve been lucky enough to work together at weddings and also to meet up quite regularly (but there’s never enough time to cover every topic …). Janet made my parents wedding anniversary cake, I’ve photographed her “baby” son Elliott and she made the most gorgeous cupcakes for Ellie and Ed’s wedding at Mount Ephraim. I photographed Janet for promotional purposes and for her to have professional business portraits when she was featured in a Kent wedding magazine. In fact, our paths continue to cross.

So I was more than delighted to hear that Janet and her friend Suzanne had decided to enter Sky Living’s new Cooks to Market cookery show and that one of my images was used on their “Meet the Cooks” section.

Sadly, you can’t really see too much of the cooks but this image was taken at Brogdale during their cherry festival at which Janet and Suzanne were showcasing their new product, Delikones. However, I am delighted to see that the copyright has been properly credited – a little moment of fame …

Here’s the full image if you would like to see the ladies in full (so to speak!):

I’m delighted to see how successful Janet has become, she is incredibly motivated to ensure that her business succeeds and she also is a wonderful person who makes delicious cakes. I can’t wait to tune in this week to see how she and Suzanne get on!

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