It’s been a great season for thank you cards …

You may have seen some other thank you cards that I have been delighted to receive throughout this year’s wedding season. And I was so pleased to have another card pop through the door from Hilary and David with thanks for their wedding photography at Mount Ephraim …

My scanner hasn’t worked too well so, just in case it isn’t completely clear, here’s what Hils had to say:

“Dear Sam

Thank you so much for the fantastic wedding photos and our apologies for not writing sooner. Time seems to have flown by since the wedding and we’ve finally re-landed on our feet after all the excitement. Thank you for all that you did to make our day a success, the photos capture the day perfectly and so many people are positively commenting on your great pictures. We love them! It was a pleasure to get to know you and I hope we can work together again in the future.

With kind regards

Hils and David”

Ferocious and freezing in Faversham and wild and windy in Whitstable – Heather and Andy’s wedding {sneak peek}

It seemed fitting that my last wedding of the year would be in my local parish church of St Mary of Charity in Faversham. And that Heather and Andy would live locally in Faversham. That their reception would be at the East Quay in Whitstable and that the reason that they had booked East Quay was to get a sunset photograph of the two of them on the beach. Possibly what hadn’t come into that equation was the fact that the temperature would drop to 6 degrees, that the wind would be blowing like a mad thing and that there had been a rumour of snow …

But, do you know what? Heather’s granddad made it to the church and to the reception, it didn’t snow and we got a sunset. At each wedding, I learn something new – at Heather and Andy’s wedding I learnt that I should have a laundered handkerchief at the ready for the bride’s arrival, I should have a sewing kit to fix a bridesmaid’s dress and that I should be blessed that my clients trust me implicitly to capture their laughter, tears and joy.

So, here goes … possibly one of my favourite shots of the year … little Lucy, anticipating the bride’s arrival …

An emotional moment with granddad …

Portraits on the beach with the bride holding on to her husband to stop her being blown away …

Oysters and champagne …

And a sunset … you have to bear in mind that the wind was blowing so hard that we nearly lost the bride … we were convulsed in laughter at the craziness of standing on a late October Saturday, just before sunset at 5.37pm, bracing ourselves against the wind …

But we got it!

Thanks to everyone who joined us outside on this mad adventure … and I hope that you both enjoy your honeymoon in warmth and sunshine. I am so looking forward to seeing you on your return so will be working hard on editing! Love to you both. xxx

The wally with a brolly – Carole and Peter’s wedding at Hadlow Manor {sneak peek}

“Finding love later in life” … those words resonated with all of the guests and family of Carole and Peter who donned their finest black tie suits and cocktail dresses and joined them for their wedding celebration at Hadlow Manor on Saturday. Although the sun tried hard, it didn’t manage to break through but the rain stayed away until the early evening by which time the wedding breakfast was well underway.

I’m posting a different set of sneak peek images for Carole and Peter … they are blessed with children who have all joined together to create a happy and welcoming family. So I thought I would share some of the group shots that we took …

And of the bride and groom:

And Janet. Oh Janet, such a delightful and engaging laugh, I just had to include you!

When a groom has his sons as his best men, you can be sure that there are one or two little snippets about him that made the entire room dissolve into laughter. And when the bride speaks about the support and love that she has received from her friends and now from her husband’s family, tears were close by. And the story about the “wally with the brolly” – just a classic!

Thank you all for making me feel so incredibly welcome, for braving the damp conditions for the outside shots, to the group who wanted to jump for their picture … all in all, a brilliant and very satisfying wedding day indeed. Congratulations to you both and I’ll be working to edit your wedding as quickly as I possibly can!

Corporate photography … in a field?

I was delighted to be introduced to the team at Whitehead Monckton, based in Maidstone and Tenterden, and to be able to create some engaging and relaxed business portraits for use on their website for their Our People section. The images needed to be relaxed but not too informal and I believe that we managed to achieve that.

However, what I hadn’t expected was to be invited to join Whitehead Monckton’s rural business team on an “on location” photoshoot. I joined them on a very bright, warm day in the summer on the farm of one of their clients.

Luckily, I was in the Land Rover … and unfortunately the following car got stuck … but help was on hand!

The current strapline of the business is “Unique to Kent” … how true! With the strong sunlight, I had to use some fill flash through a softbox to make it more comfortable for each team member as looking directly into the sun is far too uncomfortable.

And, of course, as soon as I spotted the hay bales …

It was great fun to photograph this team but sadly, meetings back at the office beckoned, and we had to return …

If you are looking to produce business portraits, whether they be formal or less formal, do drop me a line After all, people buy people and websites should be up-to-date with the latest images.

“You have mail” – more thank you cards arrive in the post!

Well, how about that? Two thank you cards on the same day from two friends who were at each other’s weddings. I love the way that the thank you messages have been personalised, using a selection of images from their wedding days. It really is so lovely to be included and the words and kind messages are very heart felt. So thank you Carolyn and Daniel and Charly and Mark

And yes, I hope that our paths cross again in the future and I look forward to that! xx

Ollie and Amy – giggles and love and a bit of bum shuffling {sneak peek}

I love working locally … one minute’s drive away from my house on a glorious Saturday morning – mum Kerie had found me online and liked the “unstaged” feel to my family photoshoots. And I could not have been more delighted to have been found by this super family. Ollie, very grown up and a great model who helped so much with his little sister … and Amy, bum shuffler extraordinaire with the most beautiful eyes and engaging smile.

Here are your sneak peek(s) …

See what I mean … cuteness all round!

And just look what a great model Ollie is too!

Thank you so much for making my Saturday morning so enjoyable … and I hope that you survived your half marathon, Kerie! The online gallery will be up soon but, in the meantime, go Pondy! xx

I like flying … Ben’s seven month photoshoot {sneak peek}

Oh my goodness … how big Ben has grown! Since his first photoshoot at 11 days old, when he slept pretty much all the way through, he has changed so much … his gorgeous and engaging smile … his love of flying (on the comfort of the dining room table, I must add) and his fabulous laugh … I love my job so much! Here’s a sneak peek and I hope he makes you grin too …

Of course, we had to include his Steiff bear – if you look at his newborn shoot, it gives you an idea of how much bigger he is now! And those giggles …

Mummy and daddy had only recently moved house and I must say that the light was just perfect for Ben’s photoshoot. And I love the hint of reflection in the top of the table … all in all, pretty perfect!

The full online gallery will be up soon and I wonder how much Ben will have changed when I return for his one year photoshoot! Hugs xx

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