Ferocious and freezing in Faversham and wild and windy in Whitstable – Heather and Andy’s wedding {sneak peek}

It seemed fitting that my last wedding of the year would be in my local parish church of St Mary of Charity in Faversham. And that Heather and Andy would live locally in Faversham. That their reception would be at the East Quay in Whitstable and that the reason that they had booked East Quay was to get a sunset photograph of the two of them on the beach. Possibly what hadn’t come into that equation was the fact that the temperature would drop to 6 degrees, that the wind would be blowing like a mad thing and that there had been a rumour of snow …

But, do you know what? Heather’s granddad made it to the church and to the reception, it didn’t snow and we got a sunset. At each wedding, I learn something new – at Heather and Andy’s wedding I learnt that I should have a laundered handkerchief at the ready for the bride’s arrival, I should have a sewing kit to fix a bridesmaid’s dress and that I should be blessed that my clients trust me implicitly to capture their laughter, tears and joy.

So, here goes … possibly one of my favourite shots of the year … little Lucy, anticipating the bride’s arrival …

An emotional moment with granddad …

Portraits on the beach with the bride holding on to her husband to stop her being blown away …

Oysters and champagne …

And a sunset … you have to bear in mind that the wind was blowing so hard that we nearly lost the bride … we were convulsed in laughter at the craziness of standing on a late October Saturday, just before sunset at 5.37pm, bracing ourselves against the wind …

But we got it!

Thanks to everyone who joined us outside on this mad adventure … and I hope that you both enjoy your honeymoon in warmth and sunshine. I am so looking forward to seeing you on your return so will be working hard on editing! Love to you both. xxx

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