Left or right? The burning question of the buttonhole … {wedding Wednesday}

Over the course of this wedding season, I have been often asked on which side the men should wear their buttonholes. I love the way that we photographers are seen as the fount of all knowledge (we are, of course …) but I don’t think there is ever a right or wrong answer in this situation. So I thought I would check through a selection of my images of buttonholes …

Hmmm, not sure if that really clears it up …

But, judging by these images, it would seem that left is right … are there any florists out there who would like to enlighten us?

5 Comments on “Left or right? The burning question of the buttonhole … {wedding Wednesday}

  1. Sorry, I’m not a florist. However…

    The Debrett’s Wedding Guide (the gold standard reference for British etiquette), although not explicitly stating the position, shows the ’boutonniere’ on the left side in every photo.

    Furthermore, in his book ‘Dressing The Man’, stylist and designer Alan Flusser notes:

    “…the stem of the lapel boutonniere should be invisible. Top-drawer clothes are finished with those tailoring details required to properly stage the lapel flower’s presentation: a working buttonhole on the jacket’s left lapel of not more than 1 inch in length and a loop of thread to hold the flower’s stem on the lapel’s underside.”

    Hope that helps 🙂


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