Shirlaw Sanctuary – a boutique hair salon set in the heart of the Kentish countryside

I have known Natalie, owner of Shirlaw Sanctuary, for a few years now and was delighted to hear that it is up and running and even happier to be invited along to take images of the salon and the animals for Natalie’s website.

Natalie has featured images from the photoshoot on her website and blog but I wanted to post a selection here as this was a more unusual photoshoot for me. Shirlaw Sanctuary is set in the heart of the Kent countryside and is home to chickens, pigs and a ram, not to mention Teddy, a super little toy poodle. I took Alfie, my Tibetan Terrier, along with me for the shoot and the two boys got on really well!

With its massaging backwash, the salon is relaxing and calm …

Away from the hubbub of a town, all you can hear is birdsong … and the occasional sound from the other residents …

And I really can’t end this post without an image of little Teddy!

You can follow Shirlaw Sanctuary on Facebook too and there are some special offers running this week leading up to Black Friday – check the page out here.

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