Heather and Andy – the story of their Faversham and Whitstable wedding {part one}

As the weather starts to get colder, it reminds me of Heather and Andy’s wedding day. With a high of six degrees and a biting wind, it was pretty cold. Actually, no, it was freezing! Theirs was my last wedding of the year and it was going to be great. Heather and I met years ago at our local camera club and I was delighted when I was asked to capture their day. Andy is similar to many of my grooms – he really doesn’t enjoy having his photo taken. But I think that, on a wedding day, everyone gets swept up into the excitement of it all. When I dropped off their wedding day slideshow and images, we sat and chatted about the “back story”. As a photographer, I can only capture so much … and there is often more that happens behind the scenes. That turned out to be so very true … but, let’s start with the chaps at the church …

Just checking that everything is in order with Ian, the best man, who had travelled down from Scotland and probably thought we were all making a bit of a fuss about it being so cold …

And the bridesmaids started to arrive … too cute!

And James, the pageboy, arrived in style too!

Time for a few last minute adjustments in the relative warmth of the church porch …

No-one, apart from the ushers, wanted to wait outside in the cold so everyone was inside for the bride’s arrival …

Oh Heather, you looked gorgeous. Emotional … but gorgeous! And it was time to speed off to the front of the church and join the videographer.

St Mary’s of Charity is the parish church in Faversham. It was lovely to end the wedding year with a local wedding. And the church is absolutely stunning!

With readings and hymns, it truly was a celebration and, with Charlie (chief bridesmaid) having been married in the same church, I’m sure it was full of fond memories too. We decided to have a few formal photographs at the church, including the group shot, as we all thought that it would be almost impossible to get everyone back outside once we arrived at East Quay in Whitstable. Nearly losing her veil (luckily it got caught on the church and a guest was able to reach it with their umbrella), Heather donned a sensible shrug and we took some beautiful and endearing images of her grandparents.

These are my favourite shots … such an expression of love and joy.

And here’s the proof of how gorgeous Heather looked … perfect!

And one final shot of the happy couple through the doors of their beautiful wedding car before journeying off along the coast to Whitstable …

Where oysters and champagne and bracing winds awaited us. Join me again for part two of Heather and Andy’s story.

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