Why are professional photographers’ prints so expensive? ProLab or high street?

My wedding clients receive discs of edited and high resolution images in their wedding packages. I wonder sometimes what happens with those discs – do they get put on a shelf and forgotten or do my clients gets prints made?

My gorgeous bride and groom, Frances and Phil, decided to order some prints from me of their engagement photoshoot in Knowle Park. As a little experiment, I ordered the prints from my usual ProLab and also a couple from an online printing company.

Example of difference in toning

A lot of perception of images comes from the computer screen – monitors may not be calibrated properly and some people see colours differently. However, I am sure that you can see the difference between these images – on the left, the online printing company and on the right my ProLab. The print on the right is sharper, warmer, has bolder colours and just “pops”. Frances’s eyes are beautifully sharp in the ProLab print too.

And here is Phil … spot the difference …

Differences in toning and sharpness

Can you see that his suit is duller on the left hand image? And the sharpness in the right hand image is far better? And, of course, he looks much more handsome …

These were the same files, uploaded on the same day to different companies. I know that paper and inks and processing can result in small differences but I think that the difference is obvious here. And I know which one I would rather choose.

So, if you are a client of mine and have a disc but haven’t yet printed, get in touch. I’m offering a discount to past clients because I really want you to have beautiful images which you are proud to display. Not wishy washy prints. Drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk and I’ll upload the images that you want to have printed … I think the difference is clear … I want your images to be bold, bright and beautiful, as gorgeous as the day they were taken!

Billie and Mat are married {sneak peek}

The snow had nearly gone. But the freezing temperatures were still here for Billie and Mat’s celebrations at the Russell Hotel in Maidstone. But did it matter? Not at all! I’m looking forward to starting the editing of this wedding as the smiles were broad, the bride absolutely glowed and the dancing was … street! I’ve decided to show two images which were taken just as I was leaving – Billie had changed into her evening outfit with amazing Kurt Geiger shoes and they created their own smoke machine effect!

Kent photographer, Kent wedding photographer, Samantha Jones Photography

i hope that braving the freezing temperatures was worth it for the shot, Billie! More to follow soon, but in the meantime, I am just a tiny bit jealous of your honeymoon destination and am pretty confident that’s it’s going to be far warmer than the UK!

Oh, and I received the best compliment from Mat’s relatives from Australia … “you are the most non-grumpy wedding photographer I’ve ever met” – that might just be my new strapline …

Summer and the Olympics seem a long time away … more photoshoot images featured in Holistic Therapist Magazine!

Cast your minds back to sunnier and warmer days. In the lead up to the Olympics, I was asked by lovely Emily from www.emilyrosemakeupartist.co.uk if I was available to help her create some images for www.holistictherapistmagazine.com with an Olympic/sport theme. The idea was to show that, even if you are working out, subtly applied make-up can enhance and flatter. The images needed to be “aspirational”. I love the use of light and off camera flash in conjunction with very strong sun and also a couple of images that we took in the shade of a building, using the brickwork to reflect light into our model’s face …

magazine photoshoot

Photoshoot with Emily Rose Makeup for Holistic Therapy Magazine

All in all, a successful photoshoot which covered the requirements of both Emily and the magazine. High quality images are great for promoting your business so if you have any ideas for a photoshoot for your company, just drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography. More details on business photography are on my website: www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk

As the snow sits on the ground, memories of colourful flowers abound …

As I sit here at my desk, it’s hard to remember what it’s like to be warm. But looking through images of my 2012 weddings, what really jumped out of the page were the beautiful and varied bouquets that my brides and their bridesmaids had during the year. So here are a couple of montages to bring a little big of colour into your day … enjoy!


Beautiful wedding bouquets photography by Samantha Jones Photography


So many gorgeous colours and such a variety of flowers! Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Curly hair and eyes so blue … {sneak peek}

I first met William when he was just a bump and then again when he was seven weeks old. And now, gorgeous mum Emma is expecting again and asked me to return for some maternity shots and to also take a few portraits of William.

Now, with children, there is a small window of time to get “the shot”. But with this engaging little boy and his amazing mop of curly blonde hair, even playing peek-a-boo lent itself to fabulous images …

toddler, William, family photography

See what I mean? If you have a toddler who just won’t sit still, won’t smile when you try to take a photo yourself, then why not consider booking a session with me. More details on my website www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk or you can email me to book: sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk – I’d love to hear from you and start making your family memories!

Starting off the new year with photographs in a magazine {Pretty Nostalgic}

I was delighted to be contacted by Natalie from www.passionateaboutvintage.co.uk with plans for a photoshoot for Pretty Nostalgic magazine. Of course, I jumped at the chance to be involved in this creative concept. We liaised directly with the lovely Jo and Tina at the magazine and they gave us direction as to the look and feel of the article that Natalie was writing and for the images that they wanted to accompany this, using images from Pinterest to illustrate their thoughts.

I am lucky to have lots of friends locally in Faversham, one of whom, Griselda, lives in the Old Bakery in Abbey Street. It was perfect for the shoot, with lots of lovely windowsills and natural light. The timing was tight so Natalie managed to borrow some beautiful apothecary jars from her contacts at The Borrowed Blue Boutique which we handled with trepidation – they were so fragile! Natalie also used some of her own glassware collection to complement her pieces. Natalie also wanted some roses and other delicate blooms for the photoshoot so I, of course, recommended that she contact my friend Charlotte of www.lottysflowers.com, another Faversham based supplier.

As always, I waited with baited breath once I’d uploaded the images for Jo and her team to see – but was delighted with their response:

“Thanks so much for your help with our jewellery feature – it is spectacular and makes me want to start collecting immediately, so I’m sure it will make the same impression on readers.”

Phew! So, here are the images and article from the magazine … let me know what you think!

antique jewellery, antique glass, photography by Samantha Jones Photography

Pretty Nostalgic magazine article on antique jewellery and glass

Pretty Nostalgic magazine page 3

Doesn’t the jewellery look gorgeous!

Natalie has since also been featured in Your Kent Wedding magazine in which several pieces of Natalie’s jewellery (and photographed by me) were shown:

Your Kent Wedding featuring jewellery from Passionate about Vintage

If you are planning a vintage wedding or are looking for a statement piece of heirloom jewellery, do contact Natalie. She has a wealth of knowledge and I always thoroughly enjoy photographing all the various pieces and hearing their history. And, of course, if you have a collection of jewellery that you need to have photographed, you can contact me sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk!

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