Why are professional photographers’ prints so expensive? ProLab or high street?

My wedding clients receive discs of edited and high resolution images in their wedding packages. I wonder sometimes what happens with those discs – do they get put on a shelf and forgotten or do my clients gets prints made?

My gorgeous bride and groom, Frances and Phil, decided to order some prints from me of their engagement photoshoot in Knowle Park. As a little experiment, I ordered the prints from my usual ProLab and also a couple from an online printing company.

Example of difference in toning

A lot of perception of images comes from the computer screen – monitors may not be calibrated properly and some people see colours differently. However, I am sure that you can see the difference between these images – on the left, the online printing company and on the right my ProLab. The print on the right is sharper, warmer, has bolder colours and just “pops”. Frances’s eyes are beautifully sharp in the ProLab print too.

And here is Phil … spot the difference …

Differences in toning and sharpness

Can you see that his suit is duller on the left hand image? And the sharpness in the right hand image is far better? And, of course, he looks much more handsome …

These were the same files, uploaded on the same day to different companies. I know that paper and inks and processing can result in small differences but I think that the difference is obvious here. And I know which one I would rather choose.

So, if you are a client of mine and have a disc but haven’t yet printed, get in touch. I’m offering a discount to past clients because I really want you to have beautiful images which you are proud to display. Not wishy washy prints. Drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk and I’ll upload the images that you want to have printed … I think the difference is clear … I want your images to be bold, bright and beautiful, as gorgeous as the day they were taken!

2 Comments on “Why are professional photographers’ prints so expensive? ProLab or high street?

  1. You are so right to point out these differences – its fine to have an ordinary print if you just have some holiday snaps to print out but for big events go professional


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